Chewy ’N Crunchy! Order & Munch On These Organic & Low Carb Snacks



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What Makes It Awesome

While it might be tempting to munch on fast food but your body needs good, wholesome items to help you think straight and to stay strong. D-Alive’s organic and low card snacks set the right balance between providing nutrients and taste. They have Almond Cashew Praline (INR 599), Walnut Peanut Butter Barfi (INR 599), among others. What grabbed our attention was the Masala Soda Premix that has coconut sugar, kokum, black salt, coriander seeds, and other ingredients. Plus, they also have Turmeric Latte (something unusual), glucose, and peanut butter.

So order them online and kick off your new snacking game.