It's Time To replace All Your Shower Gels With These Soaps By Clay

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What Makes It Awesome

Showers are a great time to have a deep think. But have you ever thought deeply about replacing all those plastic bottles to make your shower look gloriously empty? CLAY is a home-made natural bathing soap founded by Akshata Rupawate and Rachit Oberoi. Their mission is not just to make you feel fresh post shower but to also make sure that you don’t get cheated by marketing labels that state ‘Paraben Free’ or ‘No Chemicals Used.’ According to the packaging, the bars are unperfumed, handcrafted, cruelty free (cruel is plain gross!) and have sanitized packaging. 

If you’re someone that enjoys their soap loaded with moisturizing ingredients, try Summer Bliss, which contains Shea Butter, Almonds and Walnut. These humectant properties will give you a spa-like experience at home and who doesn’t want that, right? For those who dream of getting their routine down to one product to fight these annoying everyday toxins try Twilight Dunes, made with Activated Charcoal, Argan Oil and Peppermint Oil. They are currently selling seven different soap bars with all natural ingredients and you also have the option to buy variety packs, a combination of three soaps. 

The soaps are simple yet nice looking, every soap is a different colour and (we know, we know) most importantly affordable. We think CLAY is also a great gifting option for your loved ones. Shop today.