This Sustainable Label Is Worth Having A Conversation About

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What Makes It Awesome

There's more to sustainable fashion than what meets the eye. If you're making a conscious effort to shop what's healthy for our planet, add Cancelled Plans to your list. Founded by Mallika Reddy from Hyderabad, this label crafts its apparel and accessories from industrial waste and debris that otherwise would end up in landfills. While pursuing architecture, Mallika realised her interest lies in sustainable business and design. Soon she floated Cancelled Plans during London Design Festival. 

With an intent to offer a new lease of life to waste, the label works with local factories around Hyderabad. From pharmaceutical and condom factories to billboard printers and socks — Mallika and her team collect waste, experiment, and transform them into durable textiles. Everything is handcrafted at Cancelled Plans; the artisans weave, stitch, and embroider the material. And that's how all the waste is transformed into the products we see on the website. 

Cancelled Plans is for the creative minds and minimalists. Their design inspiration stems from the streets, and I was told they observe what people wear every day and try to make it edgy and creative. One look at their designs and I can tell comfort is the key. They've got sweats, T-shirts, and joggers in classic colours. If you're someone who prefers wearing black more than any other colour (like me), you'll find a good reason to shop here.

If there's one thing I recommend you check out, it's their bag collection. A league of their own — their aluminum messenger bags and duffle bags are gold. They've got plastic and flex collection too so you know what you're wearing. In the future, we can expect interesting collaborations in not just apparel but also home decor and footwear. While that's for the future, Cancelled Plans is now more relevant than ever, says the label that has cancelled the waste's grand plans to end up in landfills and oceans. And what's not to love? Sustainable fashion is having its moment, now, and forever. As we know only good can come out of it.

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