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Treat Your Taste Buds With Extremely Yum Ice Creams, Shakes & Waffles Here!


    Papacream icecreams

    They provide absolutely amazing and delightful taste and flavours of ice creams

    They have a wide range of  ice creams, waffles and Thickshakes

    Papacream, the city’s newest liquid nitrogen ice cream shop. For their elaborate preparations are designed to be enjoyed in the store. Notably, they’ve focused less on the theatricality of assembling the ice cream and more on flavour innovation. Apart from savoury options such as the Mexicano (spiced nachos with cheddar, bell peppers and jalapeno ice cream) and paani puri sorbet (puris topped with potato mousse and served with a pani sorbet), there’s the Thai sushi ice cream  which has to be eaten with chopsticks; a doughnut ice cream sandwich; and masala chaas flavoured sorbet to name just a few of the many unusual offerings.

    The Horlicks ice cream with mini Nutella pancakes (Rs180) was monotonously milky and made too sweet by the topping of pancake roulades. The somewhat contrived Thai sushi ice cream (Rs250) is essentially a frozen chocolate crepe stuffed with coconut and lemongrass ice cream and then sliced to resemble maki rolls. The highlight of this Japenese fusion dessert was the refreshing Asian flavours within the superfluous chocolate wrap.

    All the flavours of ice creams, Thickshakes and waffles are of reasonable price and can order online