Want To Make DIY Rope-Wrapped Bottle? Here Are The Steps To Follow

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When isolation seems overwhelming and a little too much or if you’ve already finished every Netflix marathon, try this DIY rope-wrapped bottle.

Things You'll Need

A wine bottle (if you don't have it, use any milkshake bottle or cylindrical container), rope, Fevicol, colours, brushes, and some newspapers. Yup, that's it.


Step 1: Set the newspapers on the floor. Then, take at least three colours of your choice.

Step 2: Take the rope and start colouring it. Make sure to use the colour alternatively. 

Step 3: Once done with step 2, take the bottle and the Fevicol. Apply the Fevicol to one-fourth of the bottle.

Step 4: Start wrapping up the bottle with the coloured rope. Repeat step 3.

Step 5: Voila! The transformed bottle is ready to use.