If You Are New To The City, Go Explore This Park Around The Secret Lake In Jubilee Hills

Durgam Cheruvu


Want to take a flight of stairs and walk into the greens? Durgam Cheruvu Park located in Jubilee Hills is right next to Olive Bistro and you can take a sweet stroll in the park. 

What Makes It Awesome

After a long Sunday lunch at Olive Bistro, we decided to step out and explore the Durgam Cheruvu Lake park, which is also known as the Secret Lake. The park is well laid out with steps for you to climb down till you reach the lakefront, and it has benches scattered across the park, in case you want to rest and read a book. Plenty of squirrels will accompany you on your walks and chirping birds make it more fun. Spot kids examining the park and painting under the shade of trees. The trees form thick canopies over your head and it abounds in natural rock formations too. Plus, it's got a rocky (but squeaky clean) open auditorium sort of space, where you can hang out with your squad. In fact, the background of this space has wall carvings that are painted vibrantly and kids were happily posing against them.

So, the next time you want to revel in the greens or read (and write) in seclusion, why don't you head out to this park? 

What Could Be Better

If not for the canoodling couple, the park could be far more pleasant! 


Love some craft beer or coffee after all the strolling in the park? Head straight to The Hoppery, which is next door. Also, the boat rides don't happen all the time, so check out before you buy a ticket. 

Durgam Cheruvu