Wake Up On A Sunday Morning & Head To This Brunch That Hits The Sweet Spot

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Get your gastronomical mojo on at Sheraton's Sunday Brunch. At Feast, you'll be cajoled into trying out a wide range of Lebanese, Mediterranean, Indian dishes, and more.

What Makes It Awesome

Let's be honest  — a Sunday Brunch is the only motivation to get out of the bed (and your PJs), dress up in your best, and strut out in style. At Feast, you're in for a treat. With ample sunshine and live music, you're going to sign up for a long lunch. Make your own salad or tuck into various types of hummus and pita. You'll have a tough time controlling your craving with Gouda Cheese, bocconcini, and canapés around you. We loved Aglio Olio Spaghetti, lasagna, and ratatouille parcels. Pork chops on your mind? Ooh, there is so much for you to devour. We got ourselves some Chicken Tacos, Aloo Tikki Chaat, Chicken Satay, and a cheesy pizza (lovers of cheese, you're going to enjoy this) from the live counters. For your kiddies, right next to the play zone with see-saw, slides, rocking chairs, and toys, a live counter with potato smileys, mini-sausages, Maggi, and mac & cheese await. In fact, we spotted a pirate entertaining kids with balloons. 

Usually, in brunches and buffet, biryani or Indian dishes are the most ignored. But we love how Feast took its biryani seriously. Whether it's the chicken biryani or egg biryani, the mere mention is still making us drool. Plus, they've got haleem, different types of chutneys, and South Indian dishes too. If you'd like to skip on cocktails, you have juices, detox drinks, and mocktails. Now, all you've got to do is book a table and get here with your fam. Quality time, fo sho!

What Could Be Better

Feast has to work on its dim sums (Knowing how amazing their Dim Sum Feast is) and martinis. Otherwise, it's a doozy affair. 


You'll take an ecstatic backflip — Feast is celebrating Summer Flavours and you can brunch on countless mango dishes like Raw Mango Biryani, Frosty Mango Square, Alphonso Gateaux, Mango Crème Petit-Pot, aampanna. This is happening till May 26.