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Compact, Portable & Useful: These Gadgets Under 2K Are Worth Your Money, For Real

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Like it or not, we're all becoming tech-savvy, and that's just not limited to mobile phones and laptops. Home appliances are still a niche market in India and other connected devices to smartphones and laptops are heavily underlooked. To get you started and introduce you to other gadgets that could make your life easier, here's a list of devices you can buy with one pink note. 

Smiledrive Smart Doorbell - INR 1,099

It's 2020 and it's about time you start modernising your home with gadgets. This waterproof doorbell has a range of 500 feet with dedicated buttons to control volume. But how does it work? This internet-connected doorbell will notify you on your phone when a person arrives. You can choose from 50 tones and plug it in a socket which is way better than all the wires. 

Syska Smart Bulb - INR 699

For all those time when we forget to turn the lights off while going to bed, for all those times when we rushed out of the house and remembered that the lights are still one, for all those time when you're lazy to wake up in the morning and turn the lights on, get yourself a smart bulb. This one from Syska can be controlled by your phones and Alexa as well. It has three million colour options (yup, we're baffled too), and supports both Android and iOS. 

Hoteon Motion Sensor Lamp - INR 499

Okay, we're going one step forward with motion-sensing technology. Forget switches and buttons, this lamp automatically detects a moving person and turns the light on and off based on their movement within the range. Best part? This 12 watts lamp operated on battery and not via sockets and wires.

TopMate Laptop Cooling Pad - INR 1,999

Now that we're all working from home, our laptops are bound to overheat, and if you're someone who constantly changes positions while working, this cooling pad is what you need. The size is slim and portable, it comes with one USB port and has big fans for extra cooling. How does that sound? Work-from-home gadgets are the need of the hour. 

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TRADY Electric Mug Warmer INR 1,399

Are you someone who works with a mug of tea/coffee by your side? Forget about dragging yourself to the kitchen or coffee machine because this mug warmer will do the job from your desk. This will obviously heat your beverage but also maintain the optimum temperature all day. Waterproof, sturdy, and with automatic power off/on, this heating pad works for glass, ceramic mugs, and stainless steel tumblers. 

Boat Rockerz 225 - INR 1,499.

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Everyone has already transitioned to Bluetooth earphones and if you're new to the scene and overwhelmed by all the gazillion choices, check out these sporty Boat Rockerz. The bass is good, it's IPX5 water and sweat resistant. And yes, one charge will last you up to six hours with continuous use which is great battery life, TBH. Your ears won't hurt because the buds are shaped comfortably and it has in-built Alexa and control buttons. 

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