Forts, Tombs & Art: Hit The Road To Visit This Heritage Town Just 4 Hours From Hyderabad


    From Rashtakutas to Mughals, the history of this town — Gulbarga — dates back to the 6th century. And if you want to get a royal kick from exploring ruins and forts, get here. 

    What Makes It Awesome

    Gulbarga (Which means a city of flowers and gardens in Urdu) was once a part of Hyderabad state, but now it's a part of Karnataka. Located just 220 km from Hyderabad, history enthusiasts usually take a day trip to explore the Islamic and Indo-Saracenic architecture of the monuments in the town. We began our trip with Gulbarga Fort, which was built during the 1300s. Although it's in a dilapidated condition, you won't stop gawking at the architecture. On the inside, you'll find Jami Masjid and the world's largest cannon (Perfect for that Instagram feed). The Persian architecture of the mosque is amazing and you wouldn't want to leave without witnessing a sunset here.

    We recommend adding Khaja Bande Nawaz Dargah to your itinerary as it will wrap you in its larger-than-life gateways and tombs. Want to see more? Then check out Manyakheta and take a walk in those ancient ruins. And perhaps in the evening, you can make a quick visit to Chandrampalli Dam, which is located on the banks of the Bhima River. Peace out. 

    What Could Be Better

    We wish there were some heritage stay options.