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Bold & Intricate! Pick Up Minimal Planters At This Ceramic Studio

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    What Makes It Awesome

    A touch of greenery can make a huge difference in a room. There is no denying it. But to compliment it, you need some colourful ceramic planters. Well, then say hello to Harla Arts. It is an online cum offline ceramic studio that stock a huge variety of pots, which can be used for both planting and decoration. You can find the store in Film Nagar, Hyderabad. They work with forms that are contemporary, minimalistic in inspiration. 

    Expect lots of whites, gray and subtle hues, which help strike the perfect balance with the greens. So, if you're a plant parent and are looking to add a chic touch to your home garden, their planters are the perfect fit and home to your beloved plants. Their collection starts from INR 600. 


    Although, all pieces are handmade, the finish and quality is exquisite! 

      Available Online