Love Asian Food? This Restaurant Is Making Awesome Skinny Cocktails & Butter Garlic Crab

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What Makes It Awesome

Got a special night planned up or ringing in a celebratory night with your fam? Ohm in Hotel Avasa has to top your list, and we'll tell you why. With dishes like Butter Garlic Crab and Oven Yaki Lobster — which we attacked with a large appetite and found enough reasons to go back to Ohm. Buttery, garlicky, and creamy, we couldn't stop devouring them as we moved on to Edamame Truffle Dumplings (we recommend) and Ohm Chicken Roll where crab meat was stuffed inside panko fried chicken roll. We sipped our W-tini (a wasabi-flavoured cocktail), Coconut Mojito, Watermelon Iced Tea as we waited for Dragon Roll sushi and Chilean Sea Bass & Chive Dumplings. The cocktails had subtle flavours, and even if you cannot get here for a meal, do try the cocktails. After polishing our dumplings and sushi, we asked for Kabocha Shrimp Soup, which we're ashamed of devouring towards the end of the meal, but the thought of pumpkin soup with shrimp got us craving and it was our comfort food for Winter. 

Onto the main course — we asked for Teppanyaki Vegetable Fried Rice, Hunan Lamb, Okra with Basil Sauce, Wok Tossed Exotic Vegetables — the fried rice was top notch and went well with okra and wok-tossed vegetables. Got more space in your tum? We recommend splitting a Crème brûlée (that comes with black sesame seeds) and Dutch Chocolate Truffle (it will make you go OMG) between you and your squad. If you cannot decide what to try (and it's possible because everything on the menu is interesting), don't be shy and ask the staff or chef, and walk into a delicious food coma. 

What Could Be Better

We also tried the Crispy Lotus Stem and BBQ Pork Belly, but they didn't stand out for us. We like our pork belly crisper on the outside. 


While the restaurant is open for lunch, you should go here for dinner because the alfresco is lit up. Plus, the bar is open from 6.30 pm, so you can grab some drinks before you get to chow down.