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Best News Ever: A Panchatantra Theme Park Is Coming Up In Hyderabad

Shreya posted on 07 June

As 90s kids, we grew up reading Panchatantra comics but kids today will have an entire Panchatantra-themed park. Yes, you heard that right. The Urban Biodiversity wing of the GHMC is coming up with a one-of-a-kind Panchatantra-themed park in Goppanapally. The 1.2-acre park will have a play area, plenty of flowering plants, and sculptures of animals that will narrate stories at the press of a button. Apart from listening to the stories, children will also be able to read them along boards in Telugu and English. The park aims to create a greener Hyderabad, while also creating an engaging place for children to have fun and learn. Ditch Disney, and make little ones wiser with an ancient Panchatantra tale or two here.

Look out for the monkey, the crocodile and more talking animals made life-size from cement and fibre {yes, these beloved characters are finally coming to life}. The entrance and walls of the park too will have some of our favourite scenes, and tires will be used as flower beds. Currently, the sculpting and installation of these story-telling characters are in progress, and the park is expected to be inaugurated in a couple of weeks. Clearly, we cannot contain our excitement!

This story was first reported in Deccan Chronicle. Read the full article here.