Cool Stuff You Need To Gift Yourself For Making It To 2022


    Yes, friends and family do make life better but can you really think of anyone who makes you laugh the way you make yourself laugh? Well, too bad if you actually thought of someone else apart from yourself. We enjoy solitude just as much as we enjoy the company of our loved ones- pampering ourselves, keeping up with our self-care routines and 'rituals' and of course online shopping. If you're looking for the recipe for self-love, here are some amazing products to gift yourself to get started with.  

    Cosmopolitan - Combo Pack of 8

    Cosmopolitan - Combo Pack of 8 (Pitcher Pack) + 1 Peg Measure + 4 Coasters

    Weekend brunches with our friends are undoubtedly fun, but ever since the pandemic and not being able to go out as much, we've been loving sipping on a mild cocktail by ourselves while playing music or bingeing our favourite TV show. This cosmopolitan combo pack by & Stirred Cocktail Mix contains eight mixes, one peg measure and four coasters and is perfect for when you want to just relax by yourself.

    Shivesh Bhatia's Desserts for Every Mood Book

    Shivesh Bhatia's Desserts for Every Mood Book

    Some of the best ways to spend time with yourself and show self-love is by reading and cooking. This dessert book for every mood by Shivesh Bhatia is the perfect gift to give yourself. No matter what mood you maybe in, open this book, find a delicious recipe and whip up a dessert for yourself. 

    Waist Tie Detail Green Floral Printed Dress

    Women Waist Tie Detail Green Floral Printed Dress


    Ladies, what better way to show yourself love than buying a pretty dress every few months (if the bank account lets us, of course). This floral dress by KA has our heart since the first time we laid our eyes on it, it's made from cotton, super flowly and the perfect length if you ask us. 

    Microfibre Double Bed Reversible Comforter

    Purple - Grey Microfiber Double Bed Reversible Comforter


    Staying in bed has now become a lifestyle (at least most of the time), whether you're working or just watching your favourite show in bed. This super comfortable looking comforter by Indicum is a cosy gift to give yourself. If you're looking for just another reason to never leave your bed, this comforter is the answer. 

    Elephant Planter

    Elephant Planter


    This right here is a super cute gift, especially for everyone that loves elephants and plants. If you're looking to decorate your sit out or even your bedroom with a chic planter, this one right here by The Purple Turtles is a great gift to give yourself. It's made from stone hence it wights a little heavy (1.5 kilograms approximately). 

    Mini Unicorn Soap

    Mini Unicorn Soaps - 160gms

    One of our favourite self-care tricks is a nice, long shower/bath. To make it more fun and relaxing we love adding some candles, shower gels that smell soothing, or some colourful unicorn soaps such as this one. These mini unicorn soaps by Laviche Bath Essentials has amazing ingredients shea butter, goat. milk and some assorted essential oils. 

    Wood Grain Soup Bowl

    Wood Grain Soup Bowl

    Do you have those days when you just want to eat nothing but soup? We love soup for so many reasons, the top most being it's easy to make, eat and feels comforting. This chic Soup Bowl by Earth Heart comes in a few very simple yet amazing designs, this black and white stripes is our favourite piece. Add this soup bowl to your crockery collection.