Sleepy Owl Is Now Delivering Their DIY Cold Brew Packs To Hyderabad

Sunaina posted on 28 April


Coffee snobs, we have an exciting piece of news for you. Sleepy Owl Coffee – Delhi’s popular cold-brew specialists are now delivering their DIY packs to Hyderabad, and we cannot keep calm.

Let's Get Brewing Already

What’s a great start to a day? We say – waking up to epic brewed coffee. With Sleepy Owl delivering to Hyderabad now, let’s just say that our mornings are now sorted. Started by three friends – Arman, Ajai, and Ashwajeet, they are a go-to cold-brew mix in NCR. What we really love about Sleepy Owl is that their Arabica beans are grown in Chikamaglur, and are roasted in small batches to ensure the freshness. As a matter of fact, they are roasted on-demand. The signature chocolatey & nutty flavour leaves an interesting aftertaste and gets a nod from us.

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or a beginner, you can be a barista for you and your squad with their DIY cold brew. And it’s easy-peasy too – we’ll tell you how. A brew pack contains five filter-bags of coffee, and each bag can produce three cups of coffee. Take a bag and dunk it into cold water and let it brew overnight. When the brew is ready, you can customize it as per your choice with milk and sugar, but we love ours black. Also, the cold brew can be refrigerated for a month and it still remains fresh. Although you can get your dose of cold brew from Roastery Coffee House, some days you got to brew your own coffee.

So, We're Saying...

Get yourself this DIY cold brew kit and spin yourself some mean brews. Priced at INR 500 for five cold brew-packs, this DIY brew pack can blow up your caffeine cravings for all the right reasons. Plus, each of these bags can produce 3 individual cups of coffee, so it’s well worth the price.

To place an order, go here. Plus, you can contact +91 99304 12762 if you have any questions. Phew, this cold brew is just what we needed for dealing with Hyderabad’s summer.

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