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Shop Basic Tees & Shirts From Mahesh Babu's Clothing Brand

    What Makes It Awesome

    With the tag line Live Real, Mahesh Babu started his clothing line called The Humbl Co. and we're digging it. If you're the kinda guy who likes his outfits to be simple but at the same time, want to make a statement, you'll love the fact that this brand is all about it. We took a sneak-peak into their collections and we're impressed, for real. They've got shirts, tees, and bottoms that you can wing it from work to party. Not many brands can ace timeless fashion, but these folks got it right with their Chinese collar, solid, and plaid shirts.

    They fit like a dream, run till sizes L & XL which can be returned if they still don't fit you (perks of online shopping, right). For a more casual vibe, you can shop their casual tees, denim jackets, and jeans that'll amp up your fashion game. What makes this more awesome is the fact that this brand uses natural dyes and sustainable fabrics because being eco-conscious is beautiful. 


    There is no dedicated website for this brand as they're available on the Spoyl.