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Mandi On Your Mind? These Restaurants Serve Up Authentic Mandi

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While we love our spicy biryani, Mandi off late is giving it a tough competition. This dish is becoming a favourite for Hyderabadis, especially college students and young adults are digging it. If you are going out with a large group of friends, and you are in a fix, mandi is the answer. Here is a list of the top mandi places in Hyderabad.

Yum Yum Tree

Nothing gets friends closer like a mandi. Served on a huge plate, mandi is biryani rice served with large chunks of meat and rumali roti. This Mutton Hand Piece Mandi comes with the handpiece, as the name suggests, and this is one of the most popular choices at Yum Yum Tree. Arabian Music, Arabian lamps, and a tradition seating area, what can get better than this? Looks like it can, their epic Chicken Stick Mandi, Chicken Wings Mandi, Mutton Fry Mandi, Special Veg Mandi and everything else served by men in Kandura. 

Grill 9

Grill 9, located in Karkhana, is super popular for its starters, kebabs, and biryani. But what we also love here is the mandi. They serve chicken, mutton and fish mandi. The ambience is far better than most of the mandi places out there, and the meat to rice ratio is quite good too.


Mandar located in Tolichowki, has been quite popular for years now. Mandar has various options including our favourite chicken and mutton mandi. It also lets you choose from two people to 20 people. Great choice for a date or outing with a large group of friends, we must say.

Ice And Spice

Yet another place from Tolichowki makes it to our list. Ice & Spice serve lip-smacking chicken and mutton mandi at extremely reasonable prices. If you are broke and hungry, this is the place. This is also student-friendly. So, go grab a plate of mandi after college hours with your squad.

Mandi @36

When it comes to the mandi, this one cannot be missed. Mandi @36 located in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad's hottest. The place has a cosy and rustic feel and has a very Arabian ambience. Try their Mutton Fried Mandi, Arabian Assorted Special Mandi, Chicken Barbeque Tikka Mandi, Fish Madfoon Mandi and you can’t stop going to this place.

Marsala Food Company

If you are trying mandi for the first time, we recommend starting with Marsala. Located in Gachibowli, this place has an Instagram-worthy vibe going all around with pictures on the walls, sticky notes, and the lighting. Try their various types of chicken, mutton and fish mandis. Also, they have assorted mandis that will make you want more.