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Staycation To Partying Like Never Before: Here's What To Do In Gachibowli

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Gachibowli has evolved into a bustling haven amidst the IT concrete jungle filled with office spaces. With happening cafes, breweries, restaurants and malls to keep you on your toes, Gachibowli has some gems waiting for you to discover them! 

Best Places to Eat - Cafes

Hyderama Cafe

Lively is the word that strikes us when we think of Hyderama Cafe at Jayabheri Pine Valley, complete with their simple ambience and great food. Get your pet out for a date at this spot, they even serve up puppucinos for your fur babies! Be on the lookout for their live events too, this cafe is the place to be for a pleasant evening out in the hood. Their cheese balls are a must try along with their artisanal coffee. 

Amy's Cafe

We were surprised to find that Amy's Cafe at Khajaguda is by Karachi Bakery. The cafe screams good aesthetics, both with their unique spaces and well-plated food. Their selection of decadent ice creams on display, served in old-school ice cream bowls took us back to ice cream parlour visits as children. We'd recommend you visit this place with small groups or casual dates too. 

Old Madras Baking Company

Come mornings and Old Madras Baking Company has loaves of fresh bread neatly stacked up, ranging from multi-grain, baguettes, sandwich loaves and bagels. It's probably one of the only bakery joints that sells such a wide variety of bread. Don't forget to gorge on their Cinnabombs and Danish Custard Pastries when you visit.  

Varalakshmi Tiffins

DLF's street food scene offsets the swanky offices, cafes and pubs around Gachibowli. The area is filled with tiny hole-in-the-wall spots that serve great food. If you're in the mood for some South Indian tiffins, there's no better place than Varalakshmi Tiffins. The spot has earned an iconic status, thanks to their Ghee Karam Dosas and Idlis. While you can always expect a crowd here, service is pretty fast. 

Al Saba Restaurant

If you thought the charm of good-old Hyderabadi establishments is amiss in the newer parts of town, Al Saba is here to your rescue. Their Irani Chai and samosas have staunch loyalists. If you don't mind slow service, you could also try their Mandi and Biryani. The Mandi is served in your own private seating space that you can conceal with curtains. Come Ramzan, Al Saba is also a great spot to get yourself some great Haleem.


Glass Onion

Glass Onion makes it to our list of most romantic restaurants in Hyderabad. The location of this spot is near-perfect, overlooking a sprawling Golf course. Try making it on time for sunset here, and spend the rest of your evening having a scrumptious dinner. They serve great Italian food with a wide selection of wines to go with it. Their Rice Paper Rolls, Pork belly skewers, and Raviolis rarely disappoint. We're totally heading here for a romantic date night.

Masala Republic

Masala Republic by Dadu's is the place for great North Indian vegetarian food around Gachibowli. Their chaat, also made in North Indian style, is great too! The restaurant also serves other cuisines like Chinese and Italian, but North Indian food is something they rarely go wrong with. We recommend this spot if you're in the mood for some great chaat but can't deal with the hassle of a bandi.

Gappe Vappe

Gappe Vappe by Almond House is one of our favourite newer chaat places in town. Don't miss their amazing Pav Bhaji Fondue, served with neatly cut up bite-sized cubes of Pav, and the Bhaji in a fondue set up that you can dip from. Their Pani Puri is served on a cute push-truck style miniature platter, with tiny barnis filled with different flavoured panis. While their plating is super cute, the food doesn't compromise on taste either! Finish your meal with ice-creams from Indulge (also an Almond House brand) that have great vegan options too. 


Zega at Sheraton Hyderabad is one of the best places that serves gourmet pan-Asian food in Gachibowli. We particularly love their range of dimsums and soups. The spot rarely gets crowded, and hosts Asian food festivals quite often - be on the lookout for announcements on their social media. It's great if you're looking for a restaurant that's relatively quieter. You could also take a flight upstairs to get a stunning view of the city from their rooftop. Service can be a tad bit slow here so we recommend you avoid this place if you're in a hurry to eat. 

13 Dhaba

Good Punjabi food hits the spot when you're craving some comfort food after a long day of work. 13 Dhaba has been in the city for nearly a decade, and serves great home-style paranthas, complete with generous servings of Ghee and Achar. The seating space has shrunk due to road widening now, so we recommend taking your orders to-go. Get some cold lassi to go with it, and you'll be a happy soul! 

AM-PM Food Court

If your idea of a balanced diet is a bowl of Maggi and other street food (no judgments here), AM-PM Food Court is just the spot for you. With a wide variety of Maggi dishes and other food, you can bid your midnight hunger pangs goodbye. Try their fried egg Maggi when you visit. 

Fisherman's Wharf

Fisherman's Wharf reminds us of old Goan ancestral homes complete with terracotta tiled roofs and a hen on top. If you can't spare time for a full-blown vacay to Goa, a visit to this spot should do it. Their Chicken Xacuti is the same as what you'd eat at restaurants in Goa. If you love a good prawn dish, try their Prawn Balchao. You could also get your hands on some Bebinca here, but check-in with them first as it's available occasionally. 

Haiku, The Asian Kitchen

If Asian food makes your heart sing, head to Haiku's Gachibowli outlet for a good time. If Japanese food intimidates you considering the variety of dishes, just ask the friendly staff for a recommendation. We love their dimsums (duh), Thai food and Boba tea. The Philadelphia Rolls are an absolute must-have at this spot. 

Kobe Sizzlers

There's people who detest sizzlers and those who absolutely love the dramatics! Kobe Sizzlers serves up some of the best sizzlers in town. While their Gachibowli outlet is slightly smaller, there's no other place we'd recommend more if you're in the mood for some sizzlin' fun. Try their customizable sizzling pepper chicken, and finish it off with some good old sizzling brownie, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. 

Sardarji's Traditional Punjabi Palate

Something we love about Gachibowli is the variety of authentic restaurants from around the country,. Sardarji's Traditional Punjabi Palate is one such simple yet great place for comforting and authentic Punjabi food. Try their Chole-Bhature, Rajma Chawal, chaat and excellent Amritsari Kulche when you're here. The place has super simple ambience and runs on a self-service basis. 

Subbayya Gari Hotel

Andhrites are known for their maryada (hospitality) and Subbayya Gari Hotel certainly doesn't skimp on it! A traditional Andhra Thali consists of a variety of rice items like pulihora, chutneys, curries, podis and dessert. While their set meals comprise all these delicious foods, the star is their kandi podi and mudda pappu with hot steaming rice and ghee. BRB, we're salivating! The staff is super hands-on and will even tell you which combinations go well with each other so you're not overwhelmed with all the options. 

Creme Borne

Think regular waffles are too basic? Check out Creme Borne's Bubble Waffles in a range of great flavours. This place stays open till 1 AM, perfect for when those midnight dessert cravings hit! The spot is in Prime Peston Mall, and is one of the few great places to eat here. We absolutely love their Ferrero Rocher waffles!

Palle Vindu

Villages in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have their own charm, with a super laid back atmosphere. Palle Vindu brings a tiny bit of that heaven to bustling city life. Their ambience is done up in a traditional Telugu village style, complete with murals of village life and muggu designs. Authentic Telugu food is served on banana leaves, leaving you full by the time you leave!  


The Globe Grub

Planning a team lunch or a family get-together is nerve-wracking as everyone's preferences need to be considered. In comes The Globe Grub. The spot is a great head for team lunches or a big group of friends as their buffet selection is one of the best in Gachibowli. Their selection of starters is especially great, with a wide variety in cuisines for your main course. Their cuisines are sectioned with signages all over the restaurant so you're not confusedly wandering for dishes you like. 

Jonathan's Kitchen

Want to win brownie points from your family? Take them out for a lovely Sunday brunch at Jonathan's Kitchen. A lot of restaurants around Gachibowli host Sunday brunches, but Jonathan's Kitchen remains one of the more premium ones. They usually have live music accompanying a bustling buffet section complete with exotic dishes and live counters. The place was shut for renovation a while ago and we're so glad it's back! While the buffet per person is priced at over INR 2200 plus taxes here, the selection of alcohol is premium and worth the price. Not in a mood to drink? The food-only buffet costs a little over INR 1500 plus taxes here. 

Indi Grill

If barbecue lunches excite you, head to Indi Grill that serves great starters along with a wide buffet spread. Come weekends and most barbecue places around Gachibowli get super crowded. If you prefer a slightly less crowded buffet place, Indi Grill could be your pick. The buffet per person for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options is under INR 1000, making it a great budget friendly option too. 


Party Like A Pro At Prism Club & Kitchen

Gone are the days when Hyderabad was called a laid-back, quiet city. Prism Club & Kitchen goes all out to give you that night out in the town experience, coupled with great DJ sets and OTT decor and even fireworks. Your favourite artists and DJs could be playing here regularly, so be on the lookout for announcements on their social media. It's got one of the largest dance floors in town, so dance away! 

10 Downing Street

10 Downing Street at Begumpet introduced their iconic pub lunch to Hyderabadis years ago. If you live around Gachibowli, you can always visit 10 Downing Street's outlet here for great food to go with your drinks. We could die for their lasagnas and set three course meals that are filling yet light on the pocket.

Air Live

If your idea of fun is to croon alongside live bands belting out the latest Hindi and Telugu numbers, check out Air Live. They regularly host the city's best live bands, while serving great food and drinks. Try to get here a little early to catch a good table, even if you reserve one since it gets crowded pretty past in time for the shows.  

Zero40 Brewing

Zero40's Gachibowli outlet is the place to be if you love chilling in beautiful outdoor spaces. The industrial-style brewery also has a terrace and ample outdoor seating, great for catching up with friends. Head inside if you wish to catch the latest sporting event or dance the night away. Either way, the craft beers here are just as amazing as their other outlets. We recommend you try their Vincent Van Goat and Old Timer beers when you visit. 

Club Rogue

Club Rogue is the place to be if you're looking to dance the night away coupled with some good food. While this place wouldn't be our first choice in Gachibowli owing to their service, it's definitely worth a visit for their large dance floor and upbeat DJ sets.  

Over The Moon Brew Company

Looking to chill over a pint of beer with your buddies? Head to Over The Moon and try their selection of craft beers. We recommend their Belgian Wheat Beer to go with your finger food. 

La La Land Club & Kitchen

Head to La La Land Club & Kitchen if you're craving great North Indian food with your drinks. We recommend heading to this spot earlier than usual, because it gets super crowded. 

Heart Cup Coffee

Live bands have caught the fancy of party-goers in town, but tiny spaces can always be a cause of concern, especially if you're running late and haven't managed to book a table. Heart Cup Coffee's Gachibowli outlet is perfect if you want to catch your favourite local band in action, without worrying about space. Their sprawling floor can host large crowds comfortably. There's also a cosy, quieter outdoor section if you want to stay away from the frenzy. 

One Golf Brewery

Craft beer, good food and a Golf range combined into one sprawling property? Sign us up! One Golf Brewery is a great spot to hang out with your buddies if you've always wanted to try your hand at Golf. Trying new sports can be intimidating, but One Golf Brewery's ambience ensures your group almost has a space to themselves so you can take bad shots in peace. The Golf ranges are available for an hourly rental basis. 

Tiki Shack

A night out at Tiki Shack has been a rite-of-passage for many youngsters in the city, thanks to their Happy Hours and discounted prices. Their food along with great DJ sets are all you need for a fun night out in the town. Their outdoor space is great if you don't mind being on your feet all night. If you'd like to chill, we recommend reserving a table indoors. 

LBB's Favourite Things to Do

Get Some TLC At The Spa

God knows we need some relaxation after the pandemic, especially with never-ending work from home schedules. The Spa at Sheraton Hyderabad is one of the most relaxing spaces we've ever been to. The space has ample natural light coming in, and is always decorated with fresh flowers. They offer a host of treatments like foot reflexology, Swedish massage and a Deep Tissue massage if you're looking to get rid of body pains. Their staff is well-trained and friendly too. Try to get details on which essential oils could work for your specific issues, they're always happy to suggest! 

Go Rock Climbing At Crag Studio

Crag Studio is the largest indoor rock climbing wall in Hyderabad, this place offers multiple climbing routes that keep changing continually based on your level of expertise. Be it for a rookie or an expert, you will find thrilling challenges here. Of course, it takes a while to master the art of rock climbing, so you can avail monthly membership too wherein you can spend multiple hours throughout the month mastering the sport with the help of an instructor. You can also pick a route based on your preferences and skills, and experience safe climbs.

Plan A Staycation At Hotel Sheraton

One of the best hotels around Gachibowli, Hotel Sheraton is the perfect getaway for a staycation in bustling IT jungle. Along with exceptional service, their vast breakfast buffet spread keeps patrons loyal to this spot. You could also check out their in-house restaurants when you visit. 

Buy Handicrafts From Indian Craft Gallery

Stone studded mirrors, bright carpets in violets and maroons, Pashmina shawls, and traditional Rajasthani jewellery — Indian Craft Gallery has everything handmade, antique and old school. Exporting products from all across India, but mainly from Kashmir and Rajasthan, this store has stunning crockery, cezveh (Turkish coffee pots) that are done up in traditional Arabic and Moroccan designs, stonework, and colour block patterns. We found vintage binoculars, jumbo metallic vases and dainty ceramic vases in two-toned colours along with wooden toys of animals and scooters that make for garden accessories.

Jump On Trampolines At Supreme Sports Studio

There is no way fun can ever end at a trampoline park. At Supreme, it only doubles up. You will surely have a rip-roaring day out with nine zones in their trampoline park. Of course, they have a classic jumping zone but have fun dodging those balls at Extreme Dodge Ball Zone. Dunk like a pro at their Basketball Slam Dunk or take a dive and land on an airbag in their Airbag Zone. Plus, they've got a Slackline & Battle Beam with ample stepping stones, foam towers, and gladiator battle beams. Yaaaas! This is located in Serilingampally near Gachibowli.

Rent Fancy Bikes and Cars at Driven Cafe

Driven Cafe is a rustic, grungy themed cafe but even before you get inside, you will be greeted by some fancy rides. What's more - you can rent these bikes and cars from the cafe! If you're looking to get your photo-ops or looking to tend to your need for speed, head here! 

Malkam Cheruvu Park

The Malkam Cheruvu at Raidurgam on Gachibowli road was recently renovated and turned into a park, perfect for long walks and family outings along the scenic lake. The park has designated children’s play spaces, a cycling and walking track, lawns, an amphitheatre, view deck bridges and even a boulder park in the rock boulder conservation zone! 

Somasfit Kickboxing & Taekwondo Martial Arts Academy

If traditional gymming doesn't work out for you, try taking a kickboxing or MMA lesson at Somasfit. They teach boxing, kickboxing, Taekwondo, Hapkido, Karate, and MMA with the latest equipment under expert guidance. 

Pullela Gopichand Badminton Academy

Pullela Gopichand Badminton Academy is one of the best institutes for aspiring professional badminton players wishing to represent the country. If you like to play for leisure, the academy also has indoor courts available for rent on an hourly basis. Simply walk into the academy and book yourself a slot. 

Platinum Cinemas by MovieTime

Unlike regular multiplexes, Platinum Cinemas at SLN Terminus has a theater full of recliner seats, coupled with cosy personal blankets and pillows too! While the ticket prices are a little more than usual multiplex tickets, we think they're worth the experience. The spot is perfect for your next movie date. 

Infinity Food Village/ Drive In

Food cravings kick-in especially after a great night-out at a bar. Lucky if you're around Gachibowli, simply head to Infinity Drive In for a variety of food. Funnel Hill Creamery also has an outlet here, for your midnight dessert treats. 

Best Places to Shop

Sharat City Capital Mall

While Sharat City Capital Mall technically is in Kondapur, we recommend visiting this mall at Kondapur just five minutes away from Gachibowli for your shopping sprees. While most leading brands have outlets in malls across the city, we found that the range of their stock is wider at Sharat City Capital Mall. They also have stores for great eyewear, footwear and apparel brands that you wouldn't find at any other mall in the city. Sip on some coffee at Starbucks or get yourself some baklava at their food court while shopping. Wear your comfiest shoes when you visit Sharat City, this place is huge and can wear you out pretty soon. 

Fab India Experience Centre

Fab India is known for their handloom apparels, but their let's agree that the decor at Fab India is a whole vibe. We love their uniquely Indian aesthetic featuring our indigenous styles, wooden furniture, rustic lamps and a whole range of ceramics! You get to take home a piece of artistic home decor for as little as INR 500, talk about a steal! They have a selection of organic teas, skincare and jewellery at the store. They also have a super aesthetic cafe called Fab Cafe inside the experience center, so you can grab a quick bite when you're done shopping. 

B The Liquor Story

One of the biggest liquor stores in Gachibowli sprawling 5000 square feet, B The Liquor Story has a wide collection of single malts and rare wines. We also found some premium brands like Hibiki and Roku here. Come weekend, and most liquor stores including the premium ones get crowded around the area. B The Liquor Story has ample space for parking so you can shop for your house parties in peace. 

SV August 15th Stationery & Fine Art Needs

If new stationery sparks joy within you, the SV August 15th will make you a hundred times happier! Their selection of stationery and art supplies caters to both novices and professional artists alike. Buying stationery from international brands is tricky since not many offline stores carry them, and online sellers bump up the prices heavily. We found brands like Stabilo, Staedler, Winsor & Newton, Crayola and Sharpie at reasonable prices here. They also have discounts so you can go home with a bag full of stationery without worrying about burning a hole in your pocket. 

Narsingh Cloth Emporium

Shopping for Indian wear like sarees can be cumbersome since multiple elements like your petticoat, fall and blouse need to come together. If you're confused as to where to begin, we recommend heading to Narsingh Cloth Emporium. The staff here is super helpful and is knowledgeable on various fabrics available here. Hyderabadis aren't new to trusted Narsingh Cloth Emporium for great fabrics. We even found a wide selection of ready to wear clothes at their Gachibowli outlet. 

The Yellow Dwelling Home Furnishings & Decor Store

If you're always looking to give your home a unique touch with your decor, you will love The Yellow Dwelling Home Furnishings & Decor store. We found charming wall frames, planters, throws and pillow covers here. Their design aesthetic is just enough to add a little bit of pizzazz to your spaces. 

Book Mark

If you're someone who can't stop yourself from buying books, your wallet will thank you after a trip to Book Mark. The store has great offers on new and used books. We recommend heading to this place when you have a lot of time on your hand, as their selection is vast and has some hidden gems. Try digging through some of their stock, and you might get your hands on some rare finds! 

Planatarium Plant Based Store and Cafe

Being vegan or plant-based automatically sets you up for cooking a little, even if it's simple and quick recipes. Whether you're looking for ingredients for your next cookout, or alternatives for non-vegan food, Planatarium Plant Based Store and Cafe is a great place to shop. The spot is run by a family of vegans, and is one of Hyderabad's first vegan stores that sells plant-based alternatives to foods like ghee and mock meats among others. They also have a cafe running alongside the store, if you're in the mood for a quick bite. 

Iconic Places to Visit in Gachibowli

Street Food Opposite DLF

Street food always saves our wallets and tummies when those hunger pangs hit. The street food scene opposite DLF has been legendary for years for the same! From refreshing fresh-pressed juices, momos to melt-in-your-mouth warm gulab jamuns, head here for spots that have something for everyone. There are a host of joints you can explore between Gates 1 and 2. The area used to be super crowded, what with IT employees from all the adjoining offices heading here for a quick bite. In a post pandemic world, things are definitely quieter but the food's still pretty great. 

GHMC Dog Park

Hyderabadis will always be a little proud of the fact that India's first exclusive Dog Park was set up here, back in 2018. The park is shaped like a bone (super cute, right?) complete with hoop-jumps, obstacle courses, splash puddles and a walking track. It's a great place to get your doggo out for a walk and to socialise with other furry friends. There's also a designated play area for children. A park full of happy doggos running around - this is what heaven looks like to us! 

IIIT Hyderabad

If you find beauty in everyday spaces, IIIT Hyderabad would prove a haven for you. Nooks all across their campus are beautifully done up with graffiti and street art that will keep you reaching for your camera. We found that not just walls, but even park benches across the campus were painted with thoughtful murals. Entry to the Institute is restricted to outsiders, unless you're a student or accompanying one. However, you can always visit the place as a guest during events open to the public, both at the college and at T-Hub.

GMC Balayogi Stadium

Home to several athletes training for sporting events around the globe, the GMC Balayogi Stadium, also called the Gachibowli stadium has well-maintained running tracks and multiple sports complexes within the campus. While you can head here for some serious physical activity everyday, a lot of major events like concerts and matches are also hosted at the stadium occasionally. You can always call the stadium or simply show up to their office to enrol yourself for the various ongoing activities. 

Hidden Gems

Cafe Rasasvada

We think Cafe Rasasvada doesn't get enough credit for being at such a beautiful location. Their cafe is situated at a dead-end on a muddy road, but don't be fooled by the rustic pathway. The cafe is done up minimally but a whiff of coffee greets you as you walk in. Head to their tiny balcony on the first floor to enjoy a view of the Khajaguda lake while sipping on some great coffee. 

Prasad's Kitchen

If you've travelled across Tamil Nadu, you'd know that their tiny hole in the wall places serve some of the best crispy Parottas, with delicious meat-based gravies generously drizzled on top. We've come to discover that there are a couple of places in Hyderabad that serve great Parottas right here in Gachibowli, Prasad's Kitchen being one of the best. Try their Kothu Parotta and Banana leaf Parottas that are covered in a banana leaf and roasted on a tawa, served fresh off the stove. This place is a Parotta heaven!

Rangbhoomi Spaces

If you'd like to meet like-minded people and bond over a shared love for the arts and culture, head to Rangbhoomi Spaces. The cultural centre hosts plays, live concerts and meet-ups regularly. Keep yourself updated on their events through their social media, or simply give them a call.