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Amidst The Lockdown, We Can't Help But Miss These Things About Ramzan

It breaks our heart that we're missing out on all the Ramzan festivities but we all have to go through this for our safety. That said, we have all the time in the world to reminisce about what we miss during this festive month, so come aboard this feels train with us. 

Checking Out The Night Market

As if we needed more reasons to love Laad Bazar, Old City Night Market, BC (before Covid-19), was a must-visit for our shopping frenzy. Home decor, apparel, footwear, and jewellery — it's a mix of glittering items, street food, and the vibe in general that we miss. 

Spotting Haleem Everywhere

Did you know that over 5,000 haleem stalls are set up across the city during the Ramzan season owing to the popularity of the dish? Not this time, though. We miss the crowd of foodies outside popular joints like Pista House, Shah Ghouse, and small street-side stalls that used to lure us with the aroma. 

Sheer Khurma Sugar Rush

Yes, Sheer Khurma can be made at home, we're sure you ammi is an expert, but don't you miss going out to iftaar parties with your friends and finishing off the meal with Sheer Khurma from local vendors? We remember Ghansi Bazar being lit with food stalls selling Sheer Khurma. 

Iftaar Parties With The Gang

Iftaar chodo, we miss parties and get-togethers in general. Going to restaurants, loading up the plate with everything delicious, and sitting around with the gang for a feast — 8 pm iftaar parties had a vibe of its own.

Midnight Pathar Ka Ghosht Rounds

You're not an OG Hyderabadi if you've not had Patthar Ka Ghosht in the middle of the night on the streets of Old City. Yup, we said it. And all you fellow locals, we too miss hitting up Chichas and Shah Ghouse for amazing Ramzan delicacies.

Participating In Ramzaan Walks

BC (before COVID-19), amazing local tour companies would host insightful cultural walks across Hyderabad and we can only imagine how awesome they would have been around this time of the year. We could have gotten to see the unseen side of Hyderabad through a local residents' perspective with many interesting facts about those places, and we're bummed out that we're missing out on that. 

The Shopping Madness

Weeks before Eid, shopping streets like Abids, Badi Chowdi, Koti, and places in Old City would light up with shoppers prepping for the festival. Not just shopping and all the deals, we also miss the aroma of ittar on the streets. 

RSVP-ing To Food Festivals

Ramzan is just one of those festivals that lights up the city. Every Hyderabadi loves the vibe and the food, if not anything else. And not just restaurants and street-stalls, food festivals were a big deal too bringing all our favourite dishes from popular restaurants under one roof. Biryani, kebabs, falooda, nihari, you know the gist.