Vegan & Chemical-Free! This Brand Will Resolve Your Skin & Hair Issues


    What Makes It Awesome

    If you are new to the vegan journey, it can be hard to know which products to buy, and which items are coming from vegan beauty brands. And not everyone has the time to browse the internet before every purchase. We get that. Hence, we’ve done the hard work for you (phew) and found WishCare. It is an eco-friendly and vegan health and beauty brand that has been on a green journey for a couple of years and has never tested its products on animals. It offers everything from haircare, skincare, and more that resolves the concern like dandruff, hair fall, acne, bad breath, etc. Price range? It starts at around INR 249.

    Our favourites? Their aloe vera gel, essential oil kit, and the extra virgin coconut oil. It doesn’t show the results instantly (no product does). So, give it a bit of time and you’ll see a difference. Plus, you’ll do nature a favour.