Not A Single Plastic Bag In Sight: Hyderabad Got Its First Zero Waste Store

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What Makes It Awesome

With everyone preaching about the plastic ban, taking your cloth/paper bag to stores doesn't make sense if whatever you buy will still be packaged in plastic. With Hyderabad's first Zero Waste Eco-Store opening its doors in Secunderabad, we're glad somebody took the initiative.

Hidden away inside the bylanes of Karkhana, this store mimics a modest house with cosy vibes. Step into this clutter-free store and recall all the Hindi you've learned in school because the aisles are named shudh Hindi shabd.

What is this store all about? From everyday kitchen items like pulses, oils, flour, to dry fruits, coffee, skincare, and utensils, they stock ethically manufactured, eco-friendly goods that are not packed in any form of plastic. All the items are stored in glass jars and paper bags, and you're encouraged to bring your bags (even the polythene that's lying around your house, because..recycling) or buy cloth potlis for affordable prices.

They have handmade soaps, shampoo powders, body mists, facial masks, etc that are made from natural ingredients following the dadima ke nuske. We stocked up on wooden combs, bamboo straws, and bamboo cutlery because truthfully, we all use a lot of plastic cutlery while eating out. The combs cost INR 90 and the straws cost INR 25. From cold-pressed cooking oils to dals, their groceries are organic and much more cost-effective compared to the organic ones in supermarkets.

They also have an aisle for tea and coffee powders that are made using traditional methods and you can taste them before buying. Like munching on dry fruits? They've got cranberries, blackberries, almonds, and more that are fresh and organic. Awesome, right? Check this store out and be the change you want to see in the world, one shopping trip at a time.

How Much Did It Cost

₹500 - ₹1000


Don't forget to carry your own bags.