Get The Kids To Love Bath Time With This Brand's Colourful Handmade Soaps

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The Color Box

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What Makes It Awesome

The Color Box makes soaps that look like everything under the Sun but a normal bathing bar. From popsicles to cricket balls to doughnuts to mermaids - anything you fancy can and will be turned into a soap by them. 

Bathing time for my kids used to be full of tantrums and cries till I ditched the boring shower gels and switched to Color Box’s funky soaps. Soaps studded with fish tails, flowers and butterflies or in the shape of pacman, emojis, tiny cars and bikes too. Oh and I need not worry about chemicals harming their gentle skin because these soaps are handmade, organic and free of SLS and parabens. Be warned though, their dessert soaps (popsicles, candy bars, cupcakes) look so real to the actual thing that kids might throw a whole new tantrum of wanting to eat and not bathe with them!

I am forever hunting for bath and shower products that smell heavenly because that’s what my senses crave for after an arduous day. They have a variety of fragrances and combos to offer. I picked the mango and vanilla fragrant bars out of curiosity and was pleasantly surprised by how delicious it smelled. Dealing with sensitive skin? I gave the tea tree, rose and charcoal variant a try. Does a good job of leaving the skin feeling squeaky clean but don’t pick that if you’ve dry skin issues. Some of the soaps have a slightly rough texture to help you scrub away dead skin. 


The Color Box will love to help you customise a gift box filled with delightful looking soaps in whatever design, shape or size you fancy. Now, won’t that make for a fun gift?