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Save Your Taste Buds & Waistlines With These Awesome Baked Snacks


    When the munchies strike, it can seem like a good idea to reach for a bag of greasy chips. What if I told you that you can keep things healthy even while you eat your favourite (normally fried) treats? From namkeen to potato chips, these snacks come from the oven, not the fryer! Dig into our list of healthy snacks that are baked, not fried.


    Cheesy Jalapeno Dip with Peri Peri Chips


    Who doesn't want a guilt-free salty snack that's actually good for you? Sure you are nodding in agreement at your screen. Well then let’s give thanks to the universe for brands like Snackible that bake chips instead of frying them, and yet it tastes just as crunchier. Bite into the Peri Peri Sweet Potato Chips and you will know what I am talking about. Fancy an extra crunch with your munch? Try their Jalapeno Ragi Chips with salsa or sour cream dip. That’s snack time done right!

    Evolve Snacks

    Pudina Foxnuts, Oats Chips Sour Cream Onion and Soya Corn Chips - Combo Pack of 3


    Facing a snack life crisis? You know what I mean. All work and no snack makes jack a dull boy. Take a break and evolve your snacking. French fries maybe oh-so satisfying, but they also will punish your waistline with tons of unwanted calories. Replace that convenient yet unhealthy snack with Evolve’s Masala Rajma Chips. Zero compromise on taste and zero complains from your favourite pair of jeans. Win-win, folks! Their Oat Chips, Soya Cheese Chips, Quinoa Puffs, and Brown Rice Biryani Chips are terrific options too.

    The Green Snack Co

    6 Grain Stix - Smokey Bbq - Pack Of 5


    If you are still stuck in the deep-fried calorie trap, break out of it with The Green Snack Co. turning super foods into super snacks, this brand will make the transition from unhealthy to healthy super easy for you. In fact their kale chips (yum!) are neither fried nor baked but dehydrated which make them even healthier. Try their Smokey BBQ Six Grain Stix and you will never go back to the transient pleasure of fried foods.

    The Snack Company

    Baked Onion Crackers - Pack of 2


    No onion rings don't have to be the soggy, greasy mess found in fast-food joints, when you have Baked Onion Crackers from The Snack Company. These crackers taste like the mildly spiced variant of onion rings sprinkled with sesame seeds, and with a hint of mint. Guilt-free snacking just got real. Oh and did I mention just how awesome their Dark Chocolate Granola is? A perfect chocolate snack for a midday pick-me-up.


    Baked Rajma Chips


    Vro’s gluten-free baked chips cut the grease but not the flavour. They have quite a variety to keep you munching on. Wondering how can they possibly get chips right with no maida, no aata, no sugar, no artificial flavours? Well, there’s one way to find out. Get yourself a big pack of the assorted variety (chickpea, rajma and jowar) to start your healthy snacking habit with. The high fibre content will ensure you feel full for a long time too.