Love Eating And Discovering Offbeat Places? Join These Foodie Groups In Kolkata

Ipsita posted on 01 November

Ten-Second Takeaway

Dining in the city can be overwhelming for new people. Why not join a foodie group, and meet food lovers over a meal?

Foodies Of Kolkata

Owned by Foodie Planet, this Facebook page helps you discover the best street foods and restaurants in and around Kolkata. So if you’re someone who never leaves the restaurant without looking at the dessert menu or if someone who thrives on street food, this page is definitely for you.

You can follow their Facebook page here.


This Facebook group has 53,818 members who actively share photographs of food with the hashtag #foodZpah from all over the City of Joy. They also have a weekly section where the best photograph gets featured as the group picture. The winners get other cool benefits like all expenses paid invites to their monthly food walks, invitations to restaurant visits, etc.

Click here to join the community.

Kolkata Food Guide

This group is a hub for more than 12,000 foodies to bond over their shared love for food. Members post everything from blog posts related to food, to workshops and events in the city. You’ll also find catering services who prepare homemade food.

Click here to join the group.

Hyangla — Love For Food

The motto of this group is ‘Cook-Click-Share’. They encourage members to add photographs of their own recipes/dishes to share with fellow foodies. So if you’re cooking this weekend and want to impress the fam, join this group and you can get all the help you need for that yummy plate of biriyani.

Click here to join the group.

Calcutta Foodies Club

Formed in 2014, this group has 49,504 members to date and the numbers keep growing. Foodies can share any photo, post or blog post in the group provided it does not contain any product ads. And they believe food has no religion and anything that suits our taste bud is good food. Hear, hear!

Click here to request access to join the group.

Kolkata Foodies

This Facebook group is the ideal lace if you’re looking for any recommendations related to food in town. From sharing reviews of new eateries and hidden gems, to where to find what in which part of town, it is packed with foodies who trawl the streets of Kolkata looking for the yummiest dishes.

Join the group here.

Calcutta Food Explorers Meet-up

If you are a food enthusiast who not only loves to eat, but also takes a keen interest in exploring and discovering new haunts, and meeting new people,  join this group {click here}.

Vegetarian In Kolkata

If you’re a vegetarian or a vegan and want to meet individuals with similar culinary choices and food habits as yours, you should join this group. They also encourage discussion on vegetarian and vegan activism. Click to here.

Central Kolkata Food Walk

Several local travel agencies like Let Us Go, Calcutta Walks and Heritage Walks organise food walks around the city where you can sample iconic dishes and know about the cultural roots. Let Us Go will do one in Central Kolkata on November 11, 2017. So if you’re interested in knowing interesting food stories about small local joints, this walk is for you. The places that will be covered are Bankim Chatterjee Street, College Square, College Street and MG Road.

The walk will be covered in three hours and you’ll get four types of complimentary snacks/ desserts. The walk will set you back by INR 899 per person, however, the early bird rate is INR 699 (so hurry) and for children, the cost is INR 499. Find more details on the event here.

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