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Sign Up To Make Your Own Bamboo Bike & Green Your Commute

Vijay Sharma

What Makes It Awesome?

It's time to bambike your commuting and wake up to the environment's alarm signals. Climate change and the spike in noxious air quality in cities are scary reminders to take things to a cleaner, greener level. Bambikes (aka, bamboo bikes) could be your way to skip the car fumes, ditch the plastic and cut down on your flab. Bangalorean Vijay Sharma had crafted India's first bamboo bicycle for a clean green ride in 2009, and now he's open to teaching you too. I came across his workshop session on the site, Vacation With An Artist (VAWAA), and I just had to share it with you! A great way to take forward our efforts for sustainable living, signing up with this program will teach you to craft a bamboo bicycle from scratch. Incredibly lightweight and surprisingly sturdy and durable, the bambikes are fit for mountain biking, too. Vijay will teach you how to craft the bike's body and wheels out of bamboo and put it together with hemp. Selecting, cutting, framing and assembly - each step will be taught with precision and care, so you can create your own model by yourself.

What Could Be Better?

The program is definitely high on the budget, but if undertaken with serious consideration to build on the skills in the future, it seems like a fair deal.

How Much Did It Cost

The course is priced at $905, roughly around INR 65,000. The bikes are available for INR 15,000 onwards.

Vijay Sharma