Get Cold Feet On Stage? Join This Club In Park Street To Excel In Public Speaking

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Want to get over stage fright or hone your public speaking skills? Sign up for a membership at Kolkata Toastmasters Club (KTM) now!

What Makes It Awesome

If you get cold feet every time you go up on stage, then KTM is the place for you to be. This over a decade old club will ensure that you learn and grow and, of course, get over your fear of the stage. 

Toastmasters International is a renowned and globally recognised public speaking forum with clubs across the world. KTM is one such club located in Park Street that provides you with a platform to test your potential and work towards honing it. Freeze on stage or can’t utter a word in front of an audience? Don’t worry! Members here will help you get over it so you can speak like a boss on stage without any inhibitions. No ridicule. No judgements. Only encouraging words and constructive feedback.

All you have to do is attend a few meetings that take place every Friday at the Calcutta Chamber of Commerce from 7 pm to 8:30 pm. After you’ve attended about 3-4 meetings, you’ll be required to give a one-minute introduction of yourself. The existing members will then vote on your membership after which you’ll be inducted into the club and assigned a mentor who’ll help you become the best speaker you can be. 

There's a membership fees the club charges that's valid for six months. You can also get your membership renewed at a certain amount payable every six months. Just go attend a meeting and the person in-charge of membership at the club will brief you about all of this. Only those above 18 can sign up. You’ll have to pay INR 100 for every meeting you attend as a guest.


A standing ovation is given to every new member for their first speech to encourage and motivate them further. How cool is that! 

There are 17 other clubs under Toastmasters International all across the city. So, if Park Street is too far for you, then sign up at a club closer to your location. Call on +91 8240161563 for more information.