#LBBPick: The Burlap People’s Bags Are Green And Fashionable

Green Way Of Fashion

The Burlap People prewash the fabric to make it softer and give it a vintage feel. They then use this sturdy fabric in their workshop to create the material for the bags. They also use recycled, old ‘salvaged’ leather to create the beautiful hand-printed bags in varied styles which include slings, duffel bags, satchels and tote bags.

What We Love

The simplistic yet detailed approach to every bag, and the light pastel colours. We especially love the basic duffel bag, and their  Burlap ‘Super Trooper’, a gorgeous duffel which doubles up as a backpack.

How It Works

Make any selection from their earthy collection of stock bags. Place an order via their Instagram account, and if there’s any customisation request, they’ll create the design and ship it across to you. They ship worldwide {extra delivery charges} and pan India {free delivery}.

Check out their website here.

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