Craving Ghar Ka Khaana? The Nanighar App Is Here To The Rescue

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What Makes It Awesome

Living away from home sure is the most difficult thing about adulting but, alas, c'est la vie. It kinda sucks because you are deprived of delicious home-cooked food. But, don't worry. The Nanighar App is here to sort all your ghar ka khaana woes. 

The newest city-based food delivery app delivers home-cooked food right at your doorstep. Best part? The food is cooked by mom and dad chefs out of their own kitchen. Launched just a few days ago, Nanighar was born out of a resolve to empower men and women through their culinary skills and it’s doing exactly that – turning our super-awesome home chefs into independent entrepreneurs.

Not just this, the app is also striving to bring back in fashion rare local dishes like pithe, puli, chital macher muthyaa, echarer dalna, mochar ghanto and lots more from across cuisines - Bengali, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Parsi, Sindhi, Coastal and more. And we city folks get to taste all of this amazing home-cooked food within the comfort of our homes or offices. Can it get any better?

We also love the fact that it’s not just limited to women. If you’re a man working a 9 to 5 job but are extremely passionate about cooking, then Nanighar is here to help you realise that passion. How cool is that! So all you homemakers and stay-at-home moms and dads who’ve, for long, loved cooking and always dreamt of finding a place in people’s hearts through their stomachs, sign up with the Nanighar app now. It’s open for both working and non-working men and women.

So guys, the next time you crave for home-cooked food, you know what to do. And, all you home chefs wanting to fulfill your dream. Log into the Nanighar website and register yourself. Nanighar delivers across the city.


The app is available only on Android phones right now. iPhone users! You guys will have to wait it out a bit. They also have a cloud kitchen facility on Rajdanga Road that you can visit.