Sport A Nose Ring From This Brand Which Is Actually An Essential Oil Diffuser

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What Makes It Awesome

Desperate times had us turning to the power of plants for our healing. Be it parenting plants or growing microgreens at home or indulging in essential oil therapy. Instagram during lockdown was replete with images of people turning their bedrooms into a patchouli-scented haven. I tried Nchant’s essential oils and I am here to tell you how awesome they are.

What are essential oils? Plant-derived extracts that can help you with a bunch of chronic problems. Everything from elevating your mood, lowering anxiety, easing heartburn, to headache, sleep issues and sore throat. Nchant has a range of essential oils and diffusers that can play an important role in keeping your body and mind fit. Why only diffusers, Nchant has a cool way you can use essential oils while on the go. Say hello to the nose ring nasal diffuser by Nchant. Simply wear it like how you would wear a nose ring and go about your work. Keep calm and hustle on. 

Try the Lavender Oil if you have trouble hitting the sack. Hugely effective in treating insomnia, lavender is probably the most used essential oil there is. Acne trouble? Nchant lemon oil will help you get rid of toxins and stimulate lymphatic drainage. If you are looking for a blend that will give your overthinking brain a break and transport you (mentally) to a tropical paradise, get the grapefruit blend. It’s a great mood enhancer plus it can even help you with those pesky sugar cravings and nasty hangovers.


Check out Nchant’s essential oils and diffuser combos for your gifting needs.