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There's An Essential Oil For (Almost) Every Skin Problem You Have

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Happy Aura

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What Makes It Awesome

What started as a personal obsession with essential oils turned into a skincare brand called Happy Aura. They make high quality and all-natural oils that aren't just good for our body, but also gentle on the environment. They're cruelty-free, chemical-free and also affordable. 

If you're someone who knows even a little about essential oils, they've got all the regular ones like tea tree oil (good for acne-prone skin), lavender oil (works for dry skin), lemongrass oil (for oily skin) and they also have more unique ones that we'd never heard about till now like pure black pepper oil, carrot seed oil and cajeput oil (BRB, going to google how to use this one.) 

So if you're on the hunt for a very unique essential oil that'll help fix whatever's going on with your skin, check out Happy Aura's oils right here on LBB!

Price: INR 249 upwards


Some of the essential oils have other benefits, too, like lemon or tea tree oil which can be used to safely disinfect homes. They can also be used for aromatherapy purposes to reduce stress or help induce sleep.