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Kolkata Folks, Watch Out For The Next Performance Of This All-Night Play

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Urubhangam is a 6-hour-long play combining many different dramatic forms such as art, folk traditions and songs.

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Organised and performed by Kasba Arghya and directed Manish Mitra, it relives the tradition of the overnight Jatras which are common in some districts and rural areas of Bengal {and was once incredibly popular in Kolkata too}.

Based on Sanskrit dramatist Vasa’s narration of the Mahabharat, the play focuses on Duryodhan during and after his fight with Bhim. The production of Urubhangam draws parallels between the Mahabharata and Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The play starts with three women lamenting warfare, and alludes to the three witches in the Scottish Play.

The production combines many different dramatic forms such as art, folk traditions and songs.

Why Should I Go?

Kasba Arghya is known for their bold, upfront work that fetches them criticism and attack from a conservative audience, but they continue to work and make theater a place for free expression. Urubhangam approaches Mahabharata from a very different angle, dealing very sensitively with the issues of love, lust and power, binding them with the hatred that drives destruction in the narration.

Throughout the six hours of the play, you never feel bored and the narrator never loses your attention. Overall it is incredibly engaging and constantly draws parallels with contemporary issues today.

The skill that goes into this play is also admirable, the group has incorporated Kathak, Theyyam, Cchou, Jhumur, Yaksagana, Pandavani and Rabindranath’s music to create a fusion of different art forms from all over the country.

Anything Else?

The play takes place from 12pm to 6 AM, so it is definitely a different experience from the more traditional shows at Academy of Fine Arts. There are also around four breaks during the play which gives you ample time to go fetch some food, or to discuss the play with your friends before heading in for the next act!

Urubhangam takes place a few times throughout the year in Kolkata, so do watch out and check online every now and then on the Kasba Arghya FB page to keep tabs on their upcoming performances so that you don’t miss out!