Ladies, Hit Up These 6 Salons For Non-Judgemental Brazilian Waxing

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Bikini waxing (aka Brazilian waxing) is still a big deal today. No, we’re not talking about inhibitions or fear of pain, but about the free dose of judgement that may come with it. We’ve gone about town looking for salons that won’t judge and will do us right. So here’s the list that you need to check before you get your next Brazilian done.

June Tomkyns

This one of Kolkata’s most iconic beauty salons and boasts of a glamorous clientele including the likes of Suchitra Sen, Moon Moon Sen, Koyel Mullick and others. June Tomkyns is the best place to head to if Brazilian waxing is what you have in mind. Book your appointment a few days prior and get a RICA Brazilian done the best way. Price start at INR 1,100 and can go up to INR 1,800.

Bridgette Jones

One of Kolkata’s prestigious salons, Bridgette Jones is another great place to hit if non-judgey bikini waxing is what you are hoping for. Run by the daughter-in-law of the Tomkyns family, it is worth the time, money and trust.


Another one of Kolkata’s trusted salons whose popularity has weathered the years, Ballygunge’s Mapui’s is a good place to choose. Don’t let its unisex status fuel your doubts because Mapui’s has a long list of satisfied clients that swears by its services and personal care. Prices for a bikini wax starts are INR 1,000 here, but can go further up depending on your specifics.


This institute is the ultimate place for all sorts of skin care, beauty treatments, personal grooming and individual care. Here all judgement restsand you get your bikini wax done your way. Book a prior appointment before you visit. Prices start at INR 1,000.

Lakme Salon

South Kolkata ladies love them, and some swear by their services. The Lakme salons are the other great salons you can visit for toxic-judgement free bikini waxing. However, do remember to take an appointment a day or two before. While prices for the basic RICA waxing start at INR 1,750, it can shoot up depending on your specifications.

Wendy’s Spa and Salon

This candy pink salon in Purna Das Road is another place that plenty ladies around the town reckon with for good servicing and friendly ambience. Wendy’s is that perfect place to let your hair down and go worry free for a bikini waxing to get done. Prices start at INR 1,600.