Star Gazing, Long Walks And This Himalayan Village Ticks All The Boxes



Not that any hill station ever disappoints, but Okhrey is a little more special and that is exactly why you need to plan a trip to Sikkim ASAP. 

What Makes It Awesome

Sitting at an elevation of 10,000ft, Okhrey is a tiny Sikkimese village with a mini population count and macro beauty count. This little known village inhabits plenty roads to go for walks on, fully starlit nights and hospitality at its best. Plan a weekend getaway to Okhrey, merely 130kms from Siliguri to experience exceptional beauty.

The sight seeing list will be extremely short and consist of only the Rhodendron Sanctuary. Don't miss this because it will probably be your personal Jurassic Park (minus the wildlife, of course.) Take a walk down the narrow pathways of the sanctuary for some of the prettiest views you will ever catch, If you're lucky enough, maybe the sight of the majestic Kanchenjunga graces you as well. 

Keep busy your days interacting with the extremely warm people of Okhrey and save your nights to lie on the grass and star gaze. I assure you, this will be among your most memorable escapes. Catch a train to Siliguri and don't forget to pack for the cold because the temperatures might drop to as low as -2 degree Celsius. 

What Could Be Better

Well, it would be very comforting if the weather was a little more on our side. But that isn't any reason to not go to Okhrey at the first possible chance. 


Contact Bersey Retreat before heading to Okhrey to book yourself a decent stay. Also, make sure to never miss any of their home-made meals; they are to die for.