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These Brands Are Resin The Bar Of Home Decor With Artistic Pieces

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Ever tried your hand at fluid art? Just gently spill your coffee on a piece of paper and be fascinated by how beautifully fluid moves creating accidental art. That’s the kind of experimental fun a lot of artists are having with a wilful and versatile material called resin. Art made using resin is springing up everywhere - from sculpture to furniture, from jewellery to wall art. Here’s a list of brands that are literally resin the bar of home decor with their artistic pieces.

Studio Chhavi

Resin has a delicate yet sturdy aesthetic. This very quality makes it so versatile, that the possibilities of creating with resin become many. Studio Chhavi has plenty of resin decor you can explore. Wall art, clocks, trays, tabletops, metallic plates and whatnot. Can’t go to the beach? Bring a small part of the ocean home with Studio Chhavi’s stunning resin wall art that will make you feel like you are looking into the bottom of the big blue.

Meraki Decor & More

Resin is found in nature (think tree gum) or can be manufactured synthetically. It’s swirly, fluid and beautiful nature makes it ideal for home decor. If there is one thing resin that you need to add to your dining space, make it this two tier cake platter from Meraki Decor & More. The brand also has a single cake platter that comes with serve and coasters. Aesthetics on point!

Color Story By Divya

One look at Color Story’s catalogue and it will leave you mesmerised with resin’s glass-like lustre and its ability to create beautiful patterns that are hard to replicate. Color Story has some interesting pieces you can add to your space. Like clear resin poured over dried flowers and leaves to create a charming accessory you can place on your mantelpiece. 

Opulent Homes

Opulent Homes

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If you are thinking of adding interesting elements to your bar or entertainment area, get your hands on some resin coasters! Opulent Homes has resin trays and agate coasters topped off with layers of tinted resin polished to a high-gloss finish. The gold foiling around the edges of the coasters gives off a super elegant look. 

Deeartify Studio

DEeArtify Studio

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DeeArtify has an extensive range of resin art & abstract paintings to decorate your walls. You will find a lot of customised products with resin artwork like trays, cupcake stands, coasters, bowl stands, table mats, fridge magnets, photo frames, mirror frames, candle stands etc.

Stylish Delights

The fact that the fluid nature of this medium is not restricted by brushes or palette knives, it gives the creator liberty to revel in the chaos while creating art that invokes a sense of calmness. That’s the beauty of resin. Stylish Delights will wow you with what can be achieved with a wilful material like resin. Their cheese platters with resin pour designs, and geode crystals on  wood, will add magic to your wine and cheese evenings.

Ad Astra Designs

Ad Astra Designs propagates the acceptance of beauty in imperfection. Their resin decor is exclusive, irregular and unique. I can’t take my eyes off their handcrafted bowls. Luxurious hues like royal blue or aquamarine peppered with gold foil flakes. The surreal shades of blue will add to the aura of your living area. All artwork is inspired by the spirit and energies of nature. 



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Add the magic of resin art to your bathroom with Shresmo’s luxurious range of soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, multi-utility holders and amenity trays. The floral embellished polyresin bathroom set is a sight for sore eyes. Don’t miss the accessories with a textured marble effect. Animal print (brown spots) polyresin bathroom set will make for a great addition to the kids’ bathroom.

Looking for specific decor products made using resin? Check this list here and shop now on LBB.