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Resin Pendants, Pens & Journals: Hit Up This Artist For Cute Off-Occasion Gifts

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What Makes It Awesome

Some people call gifts their "love language" and don't wait for an occasion to give or receive one. For people like this and times like these, you need gifts that are cute, memorable, handmade, and don't break the bank. Precisely what Thrifty Trinkets aka Priyanka Gupta crafts for her customers. Resin is Priyanka's choice of expression and with it, she creates magical trinkets, and definitely not just the usual kind. 

We absolutely love the delicate flower-pressed pendants and resin necklaces. But pushing the boundaries with resin Thrifty Trinkets also makes more customisable resin hair clips, resin phone covers, resin pens, flower-shaped coasters, bookmarks, and keychains. That's not all, if you want something extravagant, even if it's a small gift, you'd be pleasantly surprised to know that Priyanka crafts really cool resin journals, resin trinket dishes, and resin book boxes or pen stands. These look as exquisite as you'd imagine them to be -- shiny, glossy resin embellished with glitter, flowers, paint or a *personal item/poster/reference*. Imagine gifting a stationery lover a resin journal and a resin pen to go with! #Somethingdifferent gifting edition at its best!

Priyanka is also more than happy to whip up a custom hamper full of her goodies including little things your special person adores (think makeup or chocolates). DM Thrifty Trinkets by clicking on the Enquire Now button on this recommendation. 


Thrifty Trinkets has introduced handmade scrunchies very recently -- these are available in all colours, fabrics, styles, and sizes -- so from bright pinks to nudes in satin or tissue in polkas or stripes in sizes up to XXL!