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Bookmark This: These Shop On LBB Bookmarks Were Meant For You Bookworms!

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Book lovers, we know your love affair with bookmarks is eternal. So we thought of suggesting some unique and offbeat bookmarks, which you can shop online on LBB for yourself or your book-loving friend. And since most of you are anyway spending more time at home sweet home now (thanks to the return of lockdowns and curfews) you might as well buy these pretty accessories for your books. Read on! 

Seed Paper Bookmarks From Plantables

Seed Paper Bookmarks (Grows into a Plant) - Set of 8


When you buy something and you know it is also great for the environment, you know you're making a difference through your purchase. This is probably why we love Plantables for making eco-friendly and sustainable products- one of which is their collection of seed paper bookmarks. We're crushing on this set of 8 bookmarks that can also be sowed for a plant to grow. Each bookmark has a super cute painting on it, with sassy quotes like 'If you need me, I'll be reading. Please don't need me'. What's not to love? 

Superhero Bookmarks From Seedhi Jalebi

Magnetic Bookmarks - Superheroes | Pack of 9

Magnetic Bookmarks - Superheroes | Pack of 9


Still a child at heart? Then, these superhero bookmarks from Seedhi Jalebi are going to pique your interest. Flaunt these in front of your friends and garner all the attention with the superhero pack of nine matte finish magnet bookmarks. Use it for the comic books and graphic novels you have been religiously stocking up on. 

Abstract Metal Bookmark From Stone Metal Scissors

Gold Abstract Bookmark

Gold Abstract Bookmark


Stone Metal Scissors primarily sells jewelry, but who knew that we would stumble upon bookmarks here too. And that too such classy ones. Get their gold abstract bookmark, which looks very similar to the shape of a woman's head, with long hair. Or get the 'Mucchad' man bookmark and the 'Lockdown Ladki' bookmark (equally abstract and unique) 

Graphic Bookmark From Inside Out

"So Many Books, So Little Time" Magnetic Bookmark


Originally a home décor & lifestyle store based out of Mumbai, Inside Out began with a portfolio of coasters, colorful wall art, mugs, cushions and magnets. But it also has a quirky range of stationery, which includes bookmarks. One of our favorite picks is this paper bookmark with a magnetic sheet, which says 'So Many Books, So Little Time'. Relatable much? 

Wilderness Bookmarks From Anujarusiya

Wilderness Bookmarks


Sometimes when you read a nature-inspired book, and are teleported to a different world, you need to see something that looks close enough to the landscape your book creates in your mind. For those moments, keep these wilderness inspired bookmarks close. Get them from Anujarusiya, a brand that curates colorful nature themed stationery. 

Gold-Plated Maple Leaf Bookmark From The Styling Project

24k Gold Plated Metal Bookmark with Tassel - Maple Leaf


If you'd like something fancy and niche, this 24k gold-plated maple leaf bookmark made of metal is very apt. It comes with a tassel and looks very elegant. Slightly highly priced, but still worth it for the beautiful maple leaf design. 


If you are looking for stationery in general, check out our recommendation here.  And if you want to buy some while also caring about the planet, check out our list of sustainable stationery brands.