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Fancy A Book Shelf Shaped Like The Human Brain? Check Out This Wall Decor Brand

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Wall Mantra

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What Makes It Awesome

From the moment we discovered Wall Mantra, we knew we had to tell you about it. This online home decor brand is into all kinds of wall decor including wall shelves, clocks, frames, wall hangings, lamps and wall aquariums, among others.

We should start with the mindboggling collection of wall shelves in unique shapes and designs. And trust us when we say this, anyone who comes to your house, will definitely inquire about them. From a ship shaped wooden wall shelf in oak finish to a bat shaped shelf in walnut finish, we found the zaniest of designs possible. Music lovers can opt for the guitar shaped or staff notation shaped shelf to beautify your casa. You will find many more such fascinating options such as in the shape of an elephant, a human brain, a whale, a penguin, a man's head, a cactus, a hot air balloon, etc.

The next section to grab our attention was the beautiful range of wall clocks. These wall clocks can absolutely light up any corner of the house. Want to attain a zen state of mind? Get the mandala multi layer wooden designer wall clock or the meditating Gautam Buddha wall clock. One can also choose from other unique designs such as ship wheel, floral, geometric, loops and arroba logo, among others.

You can also shop from its offbeat range of lamps on LBB. The wooden ceiling lamps from Wall Mantra come in the most uncommon shapes such as the heart shaped wooden lamp, star pendant lamp or the inverted floral lamp. But the lotus leaf shaped ceiling lamp, concentric bulb shaped lamp and the honeycomb lamp really bring out the intricate artwork of the pieces.


Want to make your homes aesthetically pleasing? Buy one of Wall Mantra's many vertical art and floating frames. The canvas printed vertical wall paintings are ideal for your living/dining area, and you can get it with or without a wooden frame.