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10 Table Lamps That Are Compact & Fuss-Free


    There are many ways to light up your lives (we mean literally) but our favourite lighting option is a table lamp (or anything that is moveable, basically). Simply because they're so much more fun to work and experiment with as opposed to just flipping on and off a switch and forgetting about its existence. Also, the fact that they save us space while also adding layers of mood and drama to where it's placed (more on this later) has us sold! This list features our favourite picks of table lamps, study lamps, and lamps for the living room -- like you can tell, we've covered it all. Even, styles, types, sizes, materials and mood. 

    Shop away and let there be light!

    The Classic Study Lamp

    Fez Table Lamp

    Fez Table Lamp


    Desk and study lamps do not have to be boring, we know this because we discovered Decon on the LBB Shop. Our pick is this simple yet design-forward Fez Table Lamp, perfect for that WFH desk or study desk. It throws enough light to make sure your productivity levels are in check and size ensures it doesn't eat into your desk space. We love the deep, reddish maroon shade too! 

    Price: INR 2350

    The Industrial Style Lamp

    TÄRNABY Table lamp

    TÄRNABY Table lamp


    We love a good industrial style lamp for many reasons. The exposed bulbs, that wrought metal/iron look, and just the character it adds to any setting/corner. The TÄRNABY Table Lamp, anthracite from Ikea has a little knob to switch on and off, and also adjust brightness depending on what lighting you need. Use this as a table lamp or as a decorative lamp in the living room or in your own space -- do what you will, but do it! You can read comfortably in the light that it throws but it's perfect for mood lighting. 

    Here are some homegrown brands which are like very much like this Swedish brand. 

    Price: INR 1690

    That Novelty Ambient Lamp

    Gandhar Ambient Lamp

    Gandhar Ambient Lamp


    Instant heart eyes is what this Gandhar Ambient Lamp from Nakshikathaa. Its entirely handcrafted, Arabian Nights-esque design with a metallic gold finish makes this such a standout. The lattice style covering makes lighting dim yet decorative when on. Granted it doesn't help you see better, but it is after all a mood and novelty type of light.

    If you're looking for more metallic home accents, we've got you covered here.

    Price: INR 2100

    That Contemporary Minimalist Lamp

    Orion Table Lamp

    Orion Table Lamp


    Homes that are after minimalism and modernity, we know this already has your heart. The Orion table lamp by Urban Ladder is minimalist, basic, and throws enough light to illuminate corners. Clean lines, not bulky, and with a wooden base, this lamp fits in just as well into corners as it does by itself, making it an ideal decor accent during the day too! 

    Price: INR 5200

    The Country/Cottagecore Lamp

    Shubhra Table Lamp

    Shubhra Table Lamp


    The cottagecore trend has been having a hot moment, and we've already been blown by it, here's proof. Our love for this Shubhra Table Lamp from Fabindia is just an extension of it. The terracotta vase with block print style floral design makes it perfect with other cottagecore inspired Indian aesthetics. We'd say this star belongs in the living room, especially if your home already has a warm, inviting feel. Again, this is an accent light perfect to illuminate table decor placed on it.

    Price: INR 3990

    The Fancy Modern-Day Lamp

    "Cliffhanger" Glass Globe and Stainless Steel Table Lamp

    "Cliffhanger" Glass Globe and Stainless Steel Table Lamp


    So hard to define the style of this "Cliffhanger" Glass Globe Table Lamp from 1 BHK except to say it is stunning! It looks super fancy-shmancy and we're here for it. Since it essentially is one giant bulb, it also gives off great light! Enough that you can actually use it to read. To us, this lamp is the perfect mix of utility, style and convenience (super compact, takes up very little space while looking great). 

    Price: 4499

    The Vintage Lamp

    Beige Fabric Shade Table Lamp with Black Base

    Beige Fabric Shade Table Lamp with Black Base


    The vintage look never goes out of style. If you're not looking to create a museum at home, this simple vintage lamp from Pepperfry should work well on any desk. Not exactly ideal as a primary lighting option, it's great in addition to areas that need multiple sources of light in your home. The dark metal further adds to the old-school charm of this particular lamp. If you're after turning your home into a vintage wonderland, you may want to take a look at these other vintage/antique decor options.

    Price: INR 1600

    The Hip Lightbulb

    Faceted Pyramid Lamp

    Faceted Pyramid Lamp


    This hipster trend started at cool cafes and has now made it into our homes. If you want to channel the same vibe, there are plenty of lamps that are essentially just bulbs. Clean, simple, and hip, these lamps work just as well as regular statement decor as they do lighting options. Great for casting warm light this Faceted Pyramid Lamp by Studio Indigene will fit in perfectly at any spot that's wood or concrete heavy. The best part is that whether the theme of your home is minimalist, vintage, or funky, it will work. 

    Price: INR 1999

    The Eco Friendly Lamp

    Long Bamboo Lamp

    Long Bamboo Lamp


    This Long Bamboo Lamp by Connecting NER is technically a lampshade. Basically, you can place it over any bulb/appropriate light source for amazing shadowplay. It's eco friendly as it's handcrafted from durable bamboo by local craftspeople in the North East. Since you don't have to worry about pesky wires, this works well as a table as well as floor lamp. Plus you can use it as general decor too.

    That Unassuming Lamp

    Table Lamp- White

    Table Lamp- White


    Hunting down a basic lamp that can fit any type of room can be a task, until now. This White Table Lamp from Lafayette Lights is an easy buy because of its simple design. When on the lamp also boasts a slightly textured design, so it's not boring if that's what you're wondering. The metal steel body also has some timber detailing. 

    Price: INR 3363


    Obsessed with lamps and lights all of all kinds? The Lamps & Lighting section on Shop On LBB is going to leave you stunned with its huge selection. All you need to do is click on the links.

    With inputs from Ahalya Acharya