These Jams Will Turn Your Humble Morning Toast Into A Gourmet Delicacy

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What Makes It Awesome

How do you like the sound of artisanal, zero-waste, low carbon foot print, sustainable and yummy, all rolled in one? If it sounds too good to be true, then let me introduce you to Spreadit. 

Spreadit’s wholesome and delicious jams and preserves are something else! Ticking off all the millennial buzz words your ears are longing to hear and a few more cool marketing cliches aside, Spreadit’s jams are the real deal. I have finally ditched the ‘mass-produced’ tribe to join the ‘handmade with love’ one when it comes to snacks and condiments.

Starting with Spreadit’s tarty Strawberry Basil Champagne. Although I picked it because it was the most relatable flavour on their menu, it made for quite a unique sweet and sour surprise. Tanginess of berries balanced out with the earthiness of basil and the effervescence of champagne. Heaven! I am a marmalade and coffee lover too, so had to try the Orange Espresso Kahlua. Bitter Orange contrasted with coffee as a flavour, this spread is chunky and goes perfectly well with flat bread. They have many more fancy options you can explore to make your mornings or snack time interesting like the Fig Ginger Whiskey, Plum Chili Gin and, wait for it, Bacon Whiskey Maple. 

Also, I must mention that Spreadit produces and preserves only small batches of the yummiest, freshest in-season, natural, non-GMO fruits and vegetables in reusable glass bottles. Healthy and planet-friendly all the way!

What Could Be Better

More flavours, please! I would love to be spoilt for choice.


Keen on experimenting with your food? Check out Spreadit’s blog. They have some incredibly delicious and ‘Gram-worthy recipes. From braided pastries to Japanese pancake to smoothie bowls that you can make using their jams & preserves. Sure to turn around your boring breakfast mornings.