Turn Masterchef With These Handmade, Organic Jams, Nut Butters & Spreads

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Pepper & Zest

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What Makes It Awesome

Honestly, I’m a bit bored of the mixed fruit jams, the synthetic flavours of chocolate spreads and I was ready for a change. Sharanya, who is the founder of Pepper & Zest, popped up just at the right time on Instagram with experimental yet fantastic flavours in this exact department, and I had to try them! And, they're organic, mostly vegan, and partly keto-friendly too. 

My favourite is currently the Espresso Cacao Nib Almond Peanut Butter that is ideal if you’re on a keto diet. Like the perfect ménage à trois chocolate, coffee and cinnamon combine for a proper breakfast pick-me-up. Spiced Pecan Orange Nut Butter, Dark Chocolate spread, Hazelnut and Walnut butter are other options. 

If you’re a lazy cook (me, for sure!) but love the idea of a good pesto chicken, pasta or salad, try the traditional Italian Basil Pesto sauce. I made a salad and used it for a pesto chicken, and I can promise that I’ll repeat that meal - rustic and earthy, the basil is strong, but not overpowering. Go all the way with the Pesto Calabrese (with charred red bell pepper, sun-dried tomato and ricotta cheese) if you want something more fancy. I mixed it up with some farfalle, and now I feel like a healthy masterchef! 

Love jams and preserves? These mixes are truly unique. Think Plum Raspberry Rosemary Preserve, the zesty Mango Orange Jalapeño Marmalade or even the Chunky Apple Whisky Cinnamon Preserve (Good Morning!). 

The great thing about this brand is that they use jaggery and honey instead of processed sugar, and it’s all organic, made in small batches. Go, get yourself some and try it if you don’t believe me! 

Prices start at INR 210.