Tangra Decoded: Here's Your Guide To Kolkata's Beloved Chinese Food Hub

Raisa posted on 21 April

Ten-Second Takeaway

Age-old joints, up and coming places and everything in-between, we scoured the lanes of Tangra {Kolkata’s second China Town} for the best Chinese food.

Kim Fa

A standard place to head to in Tangra, just after the Chinese Kali temple, this joint is no-complications, no-fuss! Straightforward Indianised-Chinese food {we adore the chilli prawns and the chilli chicken especially}. You’ll also get fresh light pakchoy and Asian greens {yay for Chinese mushrooms!} which vegetarians can indulge in. You can also pre-order their brown chow {a caramelised sweet noodles} and their garlic noodles which are both made in-house from scratch.

Casual Dining

9, South Tangra Road, Tangra, Kolkata

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The ultimate hidden gem of hidden gems in Tangra, this tiny family-run eatery is where all the cool Chinese kids are hanging out these days. If you’re into offcuts of meats and truly authentic Chinese food, Ajung is where you need to be. Here are all the reasons why we love Ajung.

Fast Food Restaurants

147, Tangra Road, Kolkata


    Run by a Chinese Aunty, Chung is only open on certain months of the year {when the owner is in town and not travelling}. You have to place an order with them before visiting, you may not get served if you just land up. The simple Chinese joint has the most interesting honey chicken — the bones are caramelised and youhave to eat the sticky, saucy meat with your fingers. They also do a mean fish and meatball soup.

    Fast Food Restaurants

    47, South Tangra Road, Tangra, Kolkata


    Another hub for lovers of Indian-Chinese, their food is spicy, packed full of flavour and fun. Their fried wontons are honestly some of the crunchiest and meatiest in town. You’ll surely be comfortable — there are tons of families who frequent this joint.

    Casual Dining

    47, Govinda Khatick Road, South Tangra Road, Tangra, Kolkata

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    Golden Joy

    Another standard place to visit in Tangra, the ever-expanding Golden Joy {run by Robert and his sons} stays packed during the festive seasons. You can sit wherever you feel comfortable — there’s a family room, men’s only section and even a private dining area. Golden Joy is known for its thick Thai soup, giant plates of hakka chow and their preparations of seafood.


    50/1, Matheswartala Tala Road, Near Gobinda Khatick P.O., Tangra, Kolkata

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    Most of the eating joints close pretty early {by 2pm for lunch and 9 pm for dinner}. You’ll have to head there early if you want a meal.