Travelling To Tawang? Book A Stay At This Hotel For A Comfortable Experience

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Heading to Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh anytime soon? Don’t worry about accommodation. The Dolma Group of Hotels have you sorted.

Wake up to a pleasant (amazing, actually!) weather and stunning views of the capital city. You can choose to stay close to the market area or in a peaceful cottage away from the chaos of the town. The rooms have wooden interiors to keep you warm throughout your stay. They are also equipped with room heaters, carpeted floors, warm tulip quilts for your comfort. 

There’s Hotel Dolma Chhinkar situated in the heart of Tawang – the busy market area. Wanna mingle with the sweet locals of the town? Then, it’s the perfect place for you to stay. The market will keep you involved while you enjoy your interaction with the people of Tawang. 

Want to stay at a peaceful location away from the hustle-bustle of town? Then book a stay at Dolma Cottage or Dolma Khangsar Guest House, both situated close to the Tawang Monastery. The cottages and guest houses here will make you feel at home and ensure a memorable staycation in town. They also have a military style cottage close to Sangetsar Lake - a must-visit if you are visiting Tawang. 

The Dolma Khangsar Guest House, in particular, is situated at an amazing location with stunning views of this beautiful town. The magnificent Tawang Monastery is just a short walk away. Head there for a peaceful, serene and spiritual experience away from all the noise and chaos of everyday life.


Summers is usually the time when people visit Tawang. But if you can bear the cold and wanna catch some snow, then winters is when you should go. The place turns into a snow haven with mesmerising beauty you do not wanna miss.

Dolma Group Of Hotels