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From Electronics To Garments, Ximi Vogue Has Everything To Re-Do Your Casa From Korea

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Korean marts are the hot spots right now in the city which is stocking everything and anything cutesy and adorable. We found another one called Ximi Vogue which also does the same but with lesser price comparatively and more variety. Ximi Vogue still stands out with its variety of products, from face tissues to even wireless keyboards and computer mouse.

    You cannot walk out of the store without buying something for yourself. You can never be too old for quirky animal and fruit-shaped jumbo pillows, right? They also stock practical stuff like home utilities and home furnishing. We spotted an adorable doll-shaped hand towel along with household items such as hangers, baskets, laundry bags and even Korean chopsticks and cutlery. And they have their own line of undergarments, socks and slippers for restocking your wardrobe. They have an ample collection of bags, totes, purses and fashion accessories. One can also find beauty tools here as well along with stationary sets, perfect for gifting anyone.

    Looking for electronic products? Check out the watches, curlers, straighteners and much more at very affordable rates -- though none of them come with warranty as they don't have a service center in India. Basically think mass-produced Made In China goods. The products start from INR 100 and go up to INR 1,000.

    What Could Be Better

    Even though electronics are super cheap, one can get skeptic about it as they come without warranty. Hope to see them rectifying that.


    If you're looking for gifting ideas at a restricted budget, come here. 

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