Funky Vibes And Fun Cocktails At This All-New Tapas Bar In Khar

    What Makes It Awesome

    We're always on the lookout for fun new places to try out. And Khar's popping food scene has an all-new addition that we're super excited about. It's called Poco Loco which translates as a little bit crazy, and the vibe here definitely lives up to the name - think chemistry lab meets Latin nights. 

    As you step in, you're sure to notice the beautiful Majolican tiles beneath your feet, while looking up gives you a glimpse of their fun molecular-inspired chandelier. Shortys, don't worry it's not all bar stools here, they also have comfy couches you can sink into without needing to perch precariously (quite the blessing we think). The quirky vibe extends to their menu too, that draws from Latin American and Mexican tapas heritage, with a mad-scientist twist - molecular gastronomy is the word of the day here.

    They're all for adding a dash of drama to the drinking and dining experience here, and their drinks come with their very own little show of foam, caviars, smoke and bubbles. They even make their own tonics and bitters in house! If spicy is your go-to mood, then try the Dr. Loco’s Fuego, a heady mix of sambuca and tequila spiked with Tabasco and a ring of jalapeno or if you're longing to try the molecular drinks, then give the Reaction, a cookie-infused whiskey drink with chocolate ice, a dash of homemade bitters and smoke a try. Shoutout to the Bran the Broken, a GOT-inspired drink for all you fans out there.

    In the monsoons we love a good soup, and you can tuck into the Champinones Kale Cappuccino or the Bouillabaisse here or if you're a carb lover, don't miss the Avocado Bruschetta or the Florentina made with home-baked bread. And there's  Paella Valenciana, the Spanish classic or the Dr. Loco Risotto to satisfy our rice cravings - they have veggie options for everything too! Coastal souls, you'll find your seafood offerings in the Pan Seared Sea Bass and Crusted Rawas. Finally, (whew!) there's interesting desserts to try here too like the Churros Con Chocolate, Baked Cheesecake Mixed Berry Caviar, and the Dr. Loco’s Chocolate Chilli Pepper Tart.

    Psst! We hear they also have a Jain menu for all of you Jain diners.

    So if you're looking for an experimental dining experience and you're a tapas fan, why not head on over to Poco Loco and see what the hype's about?