Cosy Date Or Post-Work Drinks: Hit Up Our Pick Of The BEST Bars

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Whether it's to get over a rough day, celebrate a good one, or just catch up with friends over a quick drink, Bangalore has her fair share of places to go to. No, we're not talking about the chill pubs (for once), or the eternal go-to breweries. We're talking proper bars that James Bond would go to. Of course, within that too, the best bars in Bangalore will differ. So we're giving you a range -- from quirky and cool for a party with the crew to swish and chic for date night. You pick, which would you say are the best bars in Bangalore?

Nevermind Bar & Social

Like a hidden paradise on 12th Main, Indiranagar, Nevermind Bar & Social place is done up with plenty of greens, vintage-esque mirrors, hidden caves for couples, and a dominating bar in the centre. Perfect for after work drinks, or a first date, load up tipple especially cocktails such as The Good Wife, Smoking Violets, Cane Sangria and Jaggery Mojito. Food includes modern Indian and bar bites to keep your drink company.

Prices for 2: INR 1,500

Chin Lung

Far more fancy than its original avatar of being a dive bar, Chin Lung retains some of its charm. Mostly in the form of cheap booze prices. So when you order Chilli Chicken, Masala Papad and peanuts, make sure to go old-school and order Old Monk and coke. Or vodka with OJ, and whiskey with ice. No fancy cocktails here, and we’re thankful this one stays true to itself. 

Prices for 2: INR 500

Hype At Shangri La

For the Happy Hours and a stellar view of the city during sunset, Hype is THE place to go. Between 6pm and 9pm every evening, you get 1+1, and we’re happy to have Bloody Mary’s, Martinis, and Bangalore Bramble, a muddle of gin, pomegranate and tamarind syrup. Champagne and wine for the fancy night out is also on offer here.

Prices for 2: INR 3,000

House Of Commons

If you’re lurking in the HSR or Koramangala area, pop into House Of Commons for some cheap drinkies, and food to go with it. We’re still convinced it’s more a pub, but we won’t argue it if they call themselves a bar! You get Kingfisher Premium for INR 120 and a mug for INR 69, and if you order their masala peanuts or their HOC chip and dip basket, it’s a guaranteed good night. Tequila is always 2+1 and they have some decent deals for Happy Hours until 7pm too. LIIT pitchers, Cosmopolitans, Mai Tais and Whiskey Sours are all popular cocktails here too.   

Prices for 2: INR 1,200

Sly Granny

Skip the wines, whiskeys and vodkas for house special cocktails at the vibrant Sly Granny. Planter’s Punch is a tribute to Coorg planters and their love for rum. This one is spiced rum with tea and berries. Chase & Status (named for the English EDM duo) is another interesting drink which blends scotch, lemon juice, honey and Laphroaig. Queen’s Park Sizzle, Brixton Smash and Strider are other prime picks. Granny clearly knows her drinks well, eh?

Prices for 2: INR 2,500

1131 Bar + Kitchen

Apart from the fruity drinks that 1131 offers, there are also the classic cocktails at this place. Plus, a page-full of signature cocktails that pack a punch and of course, creativity. Our picks from the signature section would be the Curry Patta, a curry-leaf-infused vodka cocktails, and the gin-based Bangalore Sunset that is ideal for the summer, and one to knock back as it’s mild. Just FYI, they have the longer nacho platter in town here too!

Prices for 2: INR 1,500

Alfresco By Bene - Sheraton Grand Bangalore

Looking to impress a date, or woo your significant other? Alfresco By Bene is our top pick for a romantic night out that is paired with Peachtinis, Havanas and our favourite here, the Alfresco Signature made from gin, elderflower and cranberry juice. They also have a fine collection of whiskey, gin and other spirits too. Plus some champagne and Indian bubbly to celebrate your appraisal. Or promotion. Or just to pamper yourself!

Prices for 2: INR 2,300

The 13th Floor

Perfect for an evening together, 13th Floor has one of the best views of the city you might ever get. Get there a little early and enjoy watching the sunset with your partner beside you, while you sip on one of their amazing cocktails. Divided into classic which include mojitos and martinis, fruity cocktails like the Daiquiri made from the fruit of the season, floral concoctions (yup, the Mylapore-Tini and Madame Butterfly are noteworthy!) and mellow options such as Pornstar Martini, Midnight Oil and Summer & Fall, there is plenty to enjoy as the sun goes down. 

Prices for 2: INR 2,000


Located in the heart of town, 1Q1 should be your go-to spot if you're looking for anything close to a tapas place and Peruvian-Japanese is what you like. Specialising in Pan-Asian cuisine and an island bar to fuel you up with everything from Asian Mule to Cherry Mojitos and Smoked New York Sours, a good evening with fire drinks, tasty food and lovely views is guaranteed here.

Prices for 2: INR 2,500

Note: 1Q1 is undergoing renovations and is temporarily shut.

Lord Of The Drinks

Located at Phoenix Market City all the way in Whitefield, LOTD is best for their signature cocktails. Of course, with the kind of steam-punk techno ambience with elements of pop culture, you can expect their drinks to be pretty great. Their Grapefruit Sour replaces the lemon and whiskey with grapefruit and vodka. A twist if you know it! The Banana Ride (rum, banana, orange, passion fruit, yoghurt and honey), Mango Mania and Flower Blossom (with bluepea and elderflower) are also drinks for you experimenters. Feel free to order their classic cocktails and neat liquor too, with a host of imported beer options you'll not see in most other places. Their food menu features a whole range of short eats, small, plates, starters, along with mains. 

Prices for 2: INR 1,450

The Reservoire

There's something for everyone at Reservoire. Known for their eclecctic cocktails, their bartenders like to put up a show on occasion, if performance is something you fancy while going out for a drink. While their food is pretty great, they switch up their cocktail menu seasonally. Peppermelon (vodka based), kokum mojito, and a Banana Old Fashioned (whiskey and banana syrup). Don't worry, they have great mocktails too - with coconut water coolers, to oreo shakes, teetotalers can enjoy too!

Prices for 2: INR 1,400

Chapter One Bar

A popular place for anyone in and around New BEL Road. One of the best in the area, Chapter One Bar is a hangout spot whether you want to go for a couple of drinks post work, or a meet up with the squad. A no-frills menu, their classic cocktails range from INR 320 to INR 450, enjoy hard liqour at reasonable prices with snacks and munchies to accompany it. 

Prices for 2: INR 1,200


With many branches around town, there's a Gilly's for any need. Koramangala boasts of two branches (one to catch up and drink with friends, and one to enjoy gigs and performances), Electronic City also has a Gilly's ideal for post-work drinks. Bannerghatta Road and Kundanahalli also have a branch each. Known for their economic prices and good vibes, Gilly's is a classic bar (chain) that is pretty dependable for a good time if you're looking for an easy, chilling experience. 

Prices for 2: INR 1,450

Suzy Q By 1522

One of the hottest new spots in town (no kidding, we've spotted half of the city partying it out here every weekend), say hello to Miss Suzy Q - she pretty darn lit! Located in the iconic New Indian Express building, Suzy Q By 1522 is the vision of the folks behind the stunning 1Q1. They've spared no expense here either. The interiors are young, vibrant and eclectic (divided into different areas - outdoors, patio, indoors - channeling different moods), in short totally Instagrammable. While you linger with the gang, deep dive into the cocktails menu for drinks with a desi twist - Andaaz Apna Apna (kala khatta & vodka), Hera Pheri  (whiskey & Gujarati choondo pickle) or the classics with a twist, our favourites are the Narangi LIIT (with chaat masala, tobasco and Worcestershire). Does it get more exciting? 

Prices for 2: INR 1,000

The Bar Stock Exchange

If you haven't already spent a night here enjoying a delicious meal, addictive drinks, and great ambiance, you've definitely stopped and gawked at this swanky bar through its huge glass facade while driving down MG Road! Mumbai's super popular, The Bar Stock Exchange puts a new spin on drinking at its humungous military-themed trading bar. Here you download an app to bid on the drinks you want and see the prices of the drink fluctuating, you know, like you would see at the Stock Exchange. So depending on the drinks market for the day, you can buy an Old Monk for as low as INR 19 or a glass of 12-year old Glenfiddich for INR 215 only. It truly doesn't get cheaper than this. We've read reviews of a group of 9 spending as low as INR 5,000 on food and drinks. Speaking of, we suggest you pick the tandoori appetisers to keep you company while you liquor trade.

Prices for 2: INR 1,300

SkyDeck By Sherlock's

SkyDeck By Sherlock is iconic. With green views of Central Bengaluru and now the Metro, this rooftop grungy British-style is an "adda" for college-goers and a work-from-pub space (minus the alcohol, of course) for freelancers and many self-employed folks. As for helping you unwind come evenings or weekends, they do the old-school way. Enjoy some good ol' beer, or a cocktail pitcher, glass of wines and hard liquor. Don't forget to sip on it or glug it down only with the classic bar food we know and love, aka greasy masala fries, fish & chips and nachos. 

Prices for 2: INR 1,500

Easy Tiger

Easy Tiger rose to fame so quick that in that short period that they shut on Church Street we all felt a big void. Now that they're back and better with two outlets in the center of town (Church Street & St Marks Road), we've found ourselves enjoying the cosy and inviting vibe of these dive bars time and again with company and without. They host many a cool gigs here, band and solo performances that only sound better with a glass of imported scotch or imported beer. Of course, if you prefer something more complex, there's whole list of yummy cocktails - Singapore Slings to Jack Sparrows and Negronis. Those down to party, you may want to settle for rounds of shooters, the jager-bombs and kamikaze are crowd favourites. The food menu is concise and typical of what you would find as a local bar.

Prices for 2: INR 1,000


If you haven't let loose at Hammered, you haven't lived Bengaluru's OG bar life. A favourite among the office-going crowds of HSR, we known folks who've made trips across the city to be here too. For what? Only the contagious chill vibe, retro and b-town music and rounds of signature cocktails - Mistress of Spices (white rum, curry leaves & bitters) and Asian Affair (bourbon whiskey and cumin). You can also enjoy a glass of fine Indian wine on a date here too. For nibbles, pair your choice of tipple with Cheeto Fries or Hot Garlic Chicken.

Prices for 2: INR 1,400

Bombay Adda

Hit up Bombay Adda for some on-point cocktails and vintage-themed interiors complete with elaborate chandeliers, iron chain curtains and high tables. Their top-notch mixologist will craft you B-adda classics like a Bloody Mary or Margarita together with cool concoctions like Namma G&T or Blood Brothers. Good news is, Happy Hours here means weeks because drinks, both cocktails & liquor are on 1+1 and 2+1 offers Monday to Sunday (at different timings) for your truly keep those spirits up no matter the day of the week. The food menu spans 5 pages with a section for eggs, fusion, mains and desserts. 

Prices for 2: INR 1,500

Gawky Goose

If you wish to let the #goosetimes roll, you must head to the swanky Gawky Goose for drinks and food that are familiar but with a twist. The ambiance boasts European and English-Irish pub decor elements, so think vintage chairs, tropical rain trees, metal chandeliers and brick walls and wooden tables to tie it all together. The cocktail menu is vast but we're not complaining because it's steers away from boring old cocktails to give us a Bloody Mary made with gazpacho that blew us away, and MexiCano, a silver tequila drink made with a papaya popsicle and orange. We were also impressed by the theatrics - many of their flavour blast cocktails are topped with smoke bubbles and foams. The food's all fusion, with Mexican Maddur Vade, Waffle Idli and Jerk Chicken stuffed Doughnuts making us sit up and take notice.

Prices for 2: INR 2,000