Baos, Dimsum, Or Thai Curry: It’s Asia On A Platter At This BKC Restaurant

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Good food is not always made from great ingredients. It’s sometimes made from great stories of places, cultures, and of course, people. In this case, it is all of them, but especially Arvin Tucker, whom you might know from the very famous Cadbury ad. Yes, the one where the girl invades the pitch! Say hello to Chufang, a restaurant, hidden in one corner of BKC which offers dishes from different Asian countries under one roof, and from one kitchen. Hence the name Chufang (meaning: kitchen). 

We started our meal with their special Crispy Prawn Cheung Fun was a celebration of flavours in the mouth. It is smooth, soft, and the silky rice wrapper just melts in the mouth. Since it's not a spicy dish, it takes on the slighty salty flavours of the soy sauce it is usually served with. If you're a vegetarian, fear not, they have an equally good Mushroom Cheung Fun. We were then served Prawns Har Gow, their dim sum specialty and that is something you absolutely cannot miss. 

As we moved to the main course, our plates were filled with blue jasmine rice, also known as the butterfly pea flower rice, and the delicious Thai curry which we couldn’t get enough of. There's also the Aubergine and Silken Tofu Edamame in Tobanjan Sauce which we're told is great. As are the options of vegetables or meat in Namya sauce, better known as the Kanomjeen sauce, which has dried chillies, lemongrass, galangal and grachai roots, among other ingredients. Suchi is also on the menu, which we will report back on, once we have sampled it. We have our eyes on the Tuna Nigiri Sushi, California Meat Sushi Roll and the Mexican Uramaki Sushi Roll.

If you’re into decor and design, you’re going to love the wall that’s full of artistic red lamps that give it a true Asian vibe. While there are multiple design elements that bring the place together, what caught our eye was the life-sized Buddha antique which is especially custom-designed by hiring artists from Hubli. What did we love about the Buddha? It just gives you a calming feel while you sip on the most tastefully crafted cocktails and delicacies.