Hot Air Balloons And Baklava: This Gorgeous Eatery Is Taking Us On A Culinary Trip To The Middle East

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What Makes It Awesome?

If Dubai was your dream destination, belly dancers your fantasy, flying in hot air balloons your recurring dream, and hummus your bae, you must visit Bayroute in Cuffe Parade. With its exotic cuisines from Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon and Greece and gorgeous rustic interiors and ceilings, Bayroute nails it when it comes to both, ambience and food. 

Huge ornamental windows with translucent curtains, dainty lamps which remind you of Arabian nights, hot air balloons that take you to Cappadocia and the beautifully patterned floor will welcome you when you step inside Bayroute (sounds like a love at first sight affair).

Although you might be wowed looking at the gorgeous and modern interiors of Bayroute, what really steals the show is the restaurant's delectable Middle Eastern delicacies that are prepared with so much dedication and finesse. Try the honey manakeesh with cream cheese, dukkah lamb, falafel and their famous baharatli hummus with pita bread. 

For people with a sweet tooth, their gold souk dessert mystery box is heaven sent (imagine biting into the Sheikh's palace). Also try the baklava (which is an age-old layered phyllo pastry with Iranian pistachio and almonds, and a classic). You will not be disappointed!


For a city that is increasingly falling in love with Middle-Eastern cuisine and the lack of restaurants that serve authentic delicacies from the Middle-East, we'd say Bayroute does a fabulous job. Dining at Bayroute will be one hell of an experience and we don’t see why you should miss it.