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This Dessert Joint Is Bringing Authentic Middle Eastern Delicacies To Mumbai


    What Makes It Awesome

    For foodies who have a special spot for Middle Eastern cuisine in their hearts would know how mouth-watering their desserts are. I'm sure, we've all drooled over their iconic dessert Baklava. Those sweet and crunchy layers of heavenly bites. (YUM). And there's a hidden gem in our city which is bringing to us a little piece of Middle East, one dessert at a time. Called Sufy's Kanafeh Point, this joint near in Mohammad Ali Road was started by Sufyan Qureshi, who having spent most childhood in the Middle East, was always on a look for that authentic taste in Mumbai.  

    While Baklava is quite popular here, not many know about Kanafeh, another iconic dessert dish. (It's made from filo dough, baked with cream and cheese and drenched in sugar syrup.)

    And the next thing he knew was to dedicate a dessert joint for it. Initially, he started small by displaying these treats at a dessert festival. The positive response and praises encouraged him to take it up professionally. Of course, their menu is divided into Baklava and Kunafa, each come in an array of flavours. Expect cheese, cream, pistachio, cashew, Turkish-Sabiyat, Shamiya and Asawer. Their pricing starts from INR 250 and upwards. Planning to gift someone Middle Eastern treats this festive season? They've got assorted Baklava boxes as well (small, medium and large).

    You can either head to their joint to relish on these dishes or order it online via Swiggy or Zomato.