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Chop Chop: Get An Amazing Haircut For INR 1,500 & Below At These Mumbai Salons

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Women often find it hard when it comes to parting with inches off their hair. If you’ve found that one saloon, you tend to repeat it even if it may exceed your budget. Even though weirdly enough, getting a haircut has become synonymous with “I’m okay with spending that much”, we did a little bit of digging around and found salons that will give you a mean haircut for INR 1,500 and below (this excludes the taxes). 

Hair By Pia, Churchgate

Hair By Pia is a dainty salon in Churchgate that's run by Pia, who’s also the senior stylist there. For INR 1,000 and below they offer a varied range of haircuts. From lobs (that is, giving you the long bobs), fringes to fine-tuning your hair- they will do it for you. Apart from Pia, we also recommend asking for their senior stylist, Angam who’ll be your hair fairy. 

Shell Out: INR 1,000 onward

What’s included: Hair wash, conditioning and blow-dry which is a bonus for anyone who’s looking to come out with their best hair cut face. And we all know what that means. #Selfie

P.S: We do advise you to book an appointment in advance so the stylists are free to tend to you. Also, the price may vary according to the length of your hair. 

Honey Lulla Salon, Khar

Honey Lulla is a hair salon and makeup academy in Khar. For INR 1,500 they will do an amazing job with your hair. From long hair to short hair, they will make Pinterest photo a reality for you. You need to book an appointment in advance though. 

Shell Out: INR 1,450 onward

What’s included: Hair wash, conditioning and blow drying plus as a bonus a pretty photo that the salon staff will take of you and your new fabulous hair.

Happy In The Head, Khar

Happy In The Head is possibly one the most popular salons in the city. Avani Yashwin, the owner and head stylist runs it out of an adorable space which they’ve covered up with twinkling lights and inspirational quotes. For INR 1500, they'll will give you a nice and funky haircut. The latter being completely your choice.

Shell Out: INR 1,500 onward

What’s included: Unfortunately, just the hair cut bit. They also have a resident cat and doggo, in case that makes a difference (we know it does) because in this case, cuddles are included.

Lemon, Andheri West

Lemon has a lot of branches across the city, however, we like the outlets in Andheri West's Lokhandwala/Versova. At Lemon, you can get your hair cut for INR 1,000 from the senior stylist. It’s super pocket-friendly, the stylists also suggest us different styles and will even stop if you feel that a little more than the decided inch is being cut off.

Shell Out: INR 1,000 onward

What’s included: Though they are generous with the styles and hair cuts, the prices do not include hair wash/or blow-dry. Just make sure to wash your hair before going in for the hair cut. 

Dessange, Bandra

Dessange Salon is a favourite with Bandra women and rightly so. It’s fancy, luxurious and the stylists are trained well to understand what will suit you and what won’t. Though most of the haircuts are expensive, we found out that the junior stylist will give you a decent haircut for INR 1500. 

Shell Out: INR 1,500

What’s included: A hair wash, cut and styling. However, if you ask nicely, they will put a nice smelling serum post the cut.

Little Beyond Hair, Mulund

We absolutely love this cute little salon that is run by Tejal Shah in Mulund. The decor is pretty and you will feel at home as we all know how nerve-wracking haircuts can be. Depending on the stylist you go for (junior or senior) your haircuts will range between INR 450 to INR 600. This, we feel, is an amazing budget for getting a pretty hair cut that too out of such a quirky little place. 

Shell Out: INR 600 onward (does not include the wash or blow dry, but altogether comes up to INR 1,000)

What’s included: Hair wash, conditioning and blow-dry. 

P.S: Do make an appointment in advance so the stylists can free themselves up for your fabulous makeover.

Mad O Wot, Bandra

Mad O Wat by hairstylist Sapna Bhavnani is a favourite in the city. Not only is it a cute salon on Pali Hill, but the hairstylists are tuned in well with the current trends and are very understanding. In fact, the junior stylists are pretty affordable. It’s also a great place to go to for getting your hair colour or edgy styles. Get a funky hair cut at INR 1,100 from the junior stylist. 

Shell Out: INR 1,100 onward

What's Included: A hair cut with shampoo, conditioning and a blow-dry. 

O'Hair, Matunga

Want to have a fancy haircut but also go for charges that include hair wash? Then head to O'Hair in Matunga for the amazing haircuts with hair wash for only INR 450. Those are the starting prices. A haircut from chief creative stylist - Vishal Kumar - will cost you INR 1,000. Other than this, they have amazing options of hair spa, head massage and rest of the beauty services including waxing, cleanups, mani-pedi for females as well as men!

Shell Out: INR 450-500 onward

What's Included:
A hair wash, conditioning and a blow-dry as well.