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Dates, Gigs, Trips And More: Mumbai Secrets Only A Real Local Would Know

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Are you one of those who always threw surprise birthday parties for your close ones, but never got one for yourself? Don’t you worry, because it’s now your time in the sun. There are plenty of things to do in Mumbai which are open ‘secrets’- secret gigs, plays, and even vacations.

Secret how, you ask. Well, you sign up for the event knowing what the basic activity is, but some of the information is withheld from you – the location, maybe the artists performing – so that you are surprised when the day comes. Slightly befuddled? Read on.

Secret Gigs

How sick are you of going to clubs and half-hearing the live singer over conversations and desperate pleas to the bartender? Mumbai has a few amazing secret music gigs, where the only focus is on Mumbai. Sofar Sounds hosts live gigs once a month in unique locations (someone’s rooftop, basement, living room, you name it) and they don’t disclose the venue and the artists to you.

Another community that holds underground concerts is Secret Sessions. The location is often an unused rooftop in a suspect building, and the music covers 4-5 live gigs, ranging across different music genres. These guys have a private Facebook page, and only those who RSVP get an SMS about where to arrive. Exciting? We think so.

Secret Trips

Secret trips aren’t for everyone. You need to be adventurous, open-minded and willing to let go off the classic ‘are we there yet?’ query. Still game? You should come aboard a secret picnic held a few hours away from Mumbai. All you have to do is pick a date and show up at the pick-up location, which is Nalasopara. From there, they will take you to a destination unknown, with a beautiful lake and hammocks to go with. In case you'e curious for more, there are secret lakeside camps, treks and even road trips organised with just a few details disclosed. These are usually organised by the travel group Jack & Hill Adventures. 

Secret Meals

A pop-up invite on a Facebook group, calling you to a private meal, where the host, cuisine and motive remain unknown to you. Welcome to the Secret Supper Project. They put out this invite every once in a while, and their events can be a simple movie with a snack or a five course meal paired with wine and a musical performance. In their words, this project is for those who enjoy surprise and wonder in their food as they do in their lives. After you see the invite, you have to RSVP to an email id provided by them.

Secret Dates

Secret dates sound a little mysterious, but that’s just the age-old blind dates being given a new twist. First off, there are events such as Secret Talks being held by MYOLO, where blindfolds are provided so that you can have a conversation with a new person without the judgement of what they’re wearing or looking like. Another company, known by the name of Footloose No More, organises speed dating events regularly in Mumbai for those who simply can’t deal with Tinder. At the events, only a date is mentioned, and only after they have screened you and selected you, is a location disclosed. Who you might meet however, remains a secret until you land up there.