Getting Married? These Are The Candid Wedding Photographers You Need To Hit Up


    If your D-Day is nearing and you still haven’t zeroed in on a person to candidly capture the wedding, fret not. We spoke to a few photographers who will be able to bail you out of those ‘"madam pliss pose like this" photo ops. No shoulder-touching, sitting-on-a-chair, awkwardly placing hands on the groom's chest, here! They'll capture the magic tastefully, and have you sharing photos forever!

    Monisha Ajgaonkar

    Having worked with the likes of Nargis Fakhri, Monica Dogra and Anushka Manchanda, Monisha has aced her line of work. She takes incredible shots of people and with her in your arsenal, there’s no stopping you with your fantastic-looking wedding album. She’s the one to go to if you do not want anything cheesy or over-the-top romantic. She’s just made a gaming-themed video for a couple! And, she's a renowned LGBTQIA++ activist. 

    Price: INR 1,80,000 upward

    Stuti Sakhalkar

    A popular choice, Stuti is the founder of The Cheesecake Project. What’s special about them is their penchant for details. They encourage clients to dwell deeper into what makes the day special, how the couple met and more. Her approach is that of a bridesmaid cum photographer, and we've noticed a certain vibrancy in their work. 

    Price: INR 1,00,000 and up

    Aditya Raj Mehta And Sukriti Datta

    42fps dabbles with candid wedding photography, wedding films, concept shoots and music videos. Whether it’s your sangeet, haldi or the main event, they’ll make sure the photo ops don't look forced. We especially loved their wedding films - the music is so carefully chosen, and it almost feels like you know the couple!

    Price: INR 70,000 upwards.


    Band Baaja Photographers

    Aditya Sapre helms Band Bajaa Photographers, a very popular wedding photography company. Their forte is candid photography, but he also goes traditional with ease. Whether it’s you, or your family and friends, he’ll make sure each special moment is captured on the lens.

    Price: INR 70,000 upwards.

    Richa Kashelkar

    Richa Kashelkar is also a popular name in the circuit. Her forte is candid photography and her team has covered weddings all over the world. You'll find that the style is sincere, heartfelt and fun, so the result is a timeless collage you'll look back and smile at! Her team also does couple shoots which are free of charge if done the same day, so definitely try to squeeze one into that tight wedding schedule!

    Price: INR 1,60,000 to 2,00,000 a day

    Confetti Films

    Confetti Films

    Andheri West, Mumbai

    Confetti started off doing television films, so you can bet that their work is dramatic, for sure! Having covered all kinds of weddings - scale-wise and ethnicity-wise, and they know just how to highlight the unique parts of your culture, pictorially. The work is classy, understated and eternal.

    Price: INR 90,000 a day and up